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The Unseen

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Great project on the way from Gus Sutherland. It’s called ‘The Unseen’ a documentary on Detroit hip-hop producers. It features the likes of Dak, House Shoes, Slautah and loads more. Based on his previous documentary outing, ‘All Ears’, which focused on the LA beat scene (Ras G, Kutmah, FlyLo, etc.), this should be deadly (trailer below). Thing is, it ain’t finished yet, so in order for that to happen, we all got to chip in a little bit to help the project along (main cost would be flying a small crew to Detroit for filming). You can get behind the project here on Indiegogo, select an amount you want to donate, then POW! you will get to fund the film and DOUBLE POW! you will get a cool reward. It’s not like Fundit in the sense that it’s lall ¬†or nothing, if the project doesn’t reach it’s total aim, they get to keep what has been raised and have to basically do what they can with it. So dig deep and help the heads in Detroit dig deeper, ye dig? (Ouch!)

Space is the Place

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Sun Ra documentary from 1974, worth a watch.

As An Talamh – Notes on Rave in Dublin

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Looking forward to this! As an Talamh (which is Irish for ‘from the ground’ international readers) is a two-part documentary on rave culture in Dublin which will doff its hat to the original crew as well as modern day pirates, ravers, DJs, producers and DIYers who were/are/will be responsible for keeping this city lit (despite the draconian licensing laws that seem to forget about the tens of thousands of people who make a living or socialise (equally important things) outside of the 9-5 stink. Can’t help but think of this sometimes…).

If you like the above teaser and would like to muck in, visit the As An Talamh site here. If you’ve got anything like archive footage, old flyers, photos, anything that can help tell this tale then get in touch here.

A Joyful Slog

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Great documentary here taking a look at the independent bands and labels that have been responsible for so much of the good music coming from Ireland the last few years. Well worth a watch! Big up the Community of Independents collective who made it, and Dublin Community Television who produced.