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!K-Club w/ Murderbot and T-Woc

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Thursday week sees us in a new home, the basement of Le Cirk on Dame St. Bit of a special one this, we got the return of Murderbot from Chicago, his third time playing for us, and also T-Woc launching his new record on All City (check the second track into my ‘Bye Bye Babylon’ mix, titled ‘Father’, BIGNESS!).

Check out this mix Murderbot did for the Z-Shed crew for a taster, like bass tapas.

Session runs from 8.30-2.30, gonna see how things are with that, then we’re back on the 6th May. We’ll be doing it every two weeks from then. See yis up the front!


Herv’s latest chunk of delicious was released yesterday on The Centrifuge. Entitled ‘Gang Molded’, this is a savage slice of badman riddim science, full of old-skool flavours. I’ll shut up now, so go grab a free download of the album here. Expect to see a few tracks off this reappearing on future !Kaboogie releases too…

New mix: ‘Bye Bye Babylon’

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Well, it’s not really that new, it was aired on 2FM’s Late Night Sessions there a while back, so I’ve only been able to put it up now. Mixcloud version below, will have this uploaded to over the weekend for yr downloading pleasure. Here’s the tracklist:

1 Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Rema Dub (Crazy Joe Records)
2 T-Woc – Father feat. African Simba (Dub)
3 Blackmass Plastics – Ichi The Killa (Dub)
4 The Banker – Gutter Spliff (!Kaboogie Mashup)
5 Kansas City Prophets – Cams feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
6 16bit – The Tale of the Exploding Fist (Southside Dubstars)
7 Bruce Stallion – Black Rims – Ebola Remix (Tigerbass)
8 16 Hertz – 16 Tons (!Kaboogie)
9 The Banker – Badman Banker (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
10 Dead Fader – 5 Hours (Dub)
11 Stagga – Sick as Sin feat. Skamma –  Ultra VIP (Rag & Bone)
12 Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro (Fabric)
13 AC Slater – No Party For Old Men (Nightshifters)
14 Monster Zoku Onsomb – Electromeca’s Earth Eaters Meca More Sun Mix (Dub)
15 Thatboytim – Past The End (!Kaboogie)
16 16 Hertz – Tea Breaks (Dub)
17 Cignol – Leiden Ex (!Kaboogie)
18 Bracket – Dangerous (Brackout)
19 Mad EP – Bass Crunchers (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
20 Scan One – Ginger Monkey (Combat Recordings)
21 Bracket – Butter’s Bounce (Coin Operated)
22 Puresthatred – Robbery (Mantrap Records)
23 Ed Devane – Playtime (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
24 Lakker – Kaboogie Grime (!Kaboogie)

There’s also more mixes on the aptly titled DJ Mixes page here, everything from drone-sleep to squidge-core.

Redmonk – Bye Bye Babylon by Redmonk on Mixcloud

Thanks Volcano!

Friday, April 16th, 2010
Icelandic Volcano

Icelandic Volcano

Due to the clouds of ash an ting, the mighty AARON SPECTRE has been added to the lineup for Wobble in the Twisted Pepper tonight. He’ll be doing a Drumcorps set, so I for one am delighted. He’s played a couple of times for !Kaboogie before, and was one of our first international guests. Being a super top notch kind of guy, he also did a liveset on our radio show the last time he was here, which you can get here.

Aaron Spectre

Aaron Spectre

I was happy enough with Noid the Droid, Manus Goan, Richie !K, T-Woc and Don Rosco, but  this is gonna be a ridiculous cap to such a sunny day. Bring out the dancing bears!! See yis up the front!!

Sunshine, Sunshine Painting

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Secret Wars: Dublin Vs Barcelona, 24th April

Secret Wars: Dublin Vs Barcelona, 24th April

Painting in the sun is the activity version of ice cream cones. That’s an ad for the next battle out back of the Bernard Shaw Saturday 24th, goin to Autechre the night before, so weekend of fun ahead! Will be playing some records on the night alongside my fellow !Kaboogie-ers, so get on down.

Kinda warm, no?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Here’s a mix by one half of the awesome Rag & Bone crew, Warlock. Starting off with some funky shoulder wiggling action, it starts bubbling away and eventually boils over and you’ve wrecked the hob and yr all like, shit the hob is wrecked it’ll take me all night to clean it but then you realise yr listening to this mix and it’s getting mashy mashy so wear the pot on yr head and bust some moves on the breakfast bar. If you don’t have a breakfast bar, a nice rug will do.

Warlock – Ritmo De Fogo mix by Warlock on Mixcloud

Secret Wars: Barcelona (Home) & Southampton (Away)

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Dublin Vs Barcelona

Dublin Vs Barcelona

Well well. Couple of battles comin up at the end of the month. First off on the 24th of this lovely month that is April (talking about sunshine) will be the return leg against Barcelona. This time it’s on our turf so hopefully there won’t be any sneaky tricks (AHEM!!!).

Southampton Vs Dublin

Southampton Vs Dublin

Also, on the 29th, we’re away to Southampton, who thrashed Barca 3-0 recently too with a a SICK piece, although in fairness to Barca they had some tasty lettering going on in theirs. Alas, not enough. Anyway, you can check it here and maybe in the near future I’ll get this whole embedded video malarkey down so you won’t have to drift too far.

While I’m here I might as well mention our 3-0 victory over Paris (in Paris) a few weeks ago too. I could make an elaborate pun here about hands and Frenchmen but I think the mere suggestion of it is enough, dontcha agree? Here’s the video of the night.

Secret Wars: Barcelona Vs Dublin – Video

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Yo, just got sent this, video of our Secret Wars battle in Barcelona.

Secret Wars: Barcelona Vs Dublin

And while I’m on about it, I just realised how funny the name of Barca’s piece is. It’s called ‘Guirish Go Home’, where guiris is a colloquial term on Barca for outsiders (usually those who wear socks with sandals mind). So they combined guiris with Irish, cool. Except that their team was made up of a Canadian, an Italian, and I know there’s a Venezuelen in there too. And they call us blow-ins?

FUNNY, innit?

Looking forward to the Barca lads coming over on the 24th, more info on that soon…

!Kaboogie News

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Right, so I’m sure some of you out there are familiar with the collective I help run, !Kaboogie. For those that don’t, we’re a music and arts crew who have been running tings here in Dublin for the last four years. Bass-heavy gigs, free clubs, film screenings, music workshops, a record label and three radio shows is what we do. Plus, we got probably the most ultimate legion of die-hard heads who come to our parties and support our buzz. Before I get too teary-eyed from looking off into the distance, let me give a quick round-up of what to expect over the coming weeks.

April 15th: We do a free late club night every second Thursday as a little warmer-upper for the weekend. We’ve had two previous homes for this, but The Good Bits on Store St is without doubt the best so far. Fat soundsystem, friendly staff and a proper underground ambience combine to create a proper atmosphere for the !K Club (as its known). We aim to showcase up-and-coming Irish acts here, as well as the odd established artist (and even the occassional international act…watch this space!). It’s a great chance for producers/DJs who are looking for gigs to roadtest a liveset or loosen up on the decks before going for bigger club stuff, especially considering the musical awareness and encouragement that comes from the regular crowd (there’s just something in my eye, honest…). The last one on April 1st saw Welfare and Shatterfreak bring the house down with a sick liveset of skanking, dubby goodness, under their Subversus guise I do believe. I’ll do a post here soon to let ye know what guests we have coming up the next while, but in the meantime, free yrself up for the 15th, unnerstan?

April 16th: Our chums the Wobble crew will be putting on a rib-rattling, no-nonsense bass-feast featuring a top-notch, all-Irish lineup (am-I over-using the-dashes?). Noid the Droid, Manus Goan, T-Woc, Richie !K and Don Rosco will be responsible for the shapes you will be pulling pon the floor. Plus, Mount Kimbie is playing upstairs. Do it.

May 1st: Sibín Festival 2010, Man’O’War, Balbriggan. Guaranteed good times at this, I’ve had whopper fun at this the last two years. Proper tunage and a good chance of some tasty BBQ if ye get there early in the day. !Kaboogie input this year will be Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA, plus Richie !K and me back to back, as well as A-Force and Eomac back to back. More info here.

May 29th: Elijah & Skilliam in the Twisted Pepper. This is gonna be savage! I remember the first time hearing grime, it was old Mark 1 and Slaughter Mob stuff (in fact, it was this). I was listening to a lot of electro and techno at that point, so hearing riddims as abrasive as that left me with quite the shocked face, so many snares man!! I’ve always had a soft spot for the odd grime 12″ here and there since, but in the last year or so things have picked up a bit. Yeah, I know Terror Danjah‘s been doing his thing for yonks, but that man has some unbelievable stuff up his sleeve that’s gonna be dropped over the next while, just you wait! Also, Elijah & Skilliam have been raising the profile of grime a few degrees of late. Mega delighted to have them coming over, these boys are gonna mash up the place!! There’s a pretty decent write up on their buzz, as well as a delicious DJ mix from the pair over here, courtesy of FACT Magazine.

FACT Mix 135 - Elijah & Skilliam

FACT Mix 135 - Elijah & Skilliam

Stay tuned for news of support and all, but I know for a fact the All City lads will be doing an album launch for the mighty Onra upstairs (speaking of All City, check the article I did on them here).