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Robostud Vinyl Release Shenanigans

Thursday, November 25th, 2010


November 25 2010, The Sweeney Mongrel (formerly Le Cirk), Dame St., Dublin 2., 10pm – 2:30am

ROBOSTUD Vinyl Release Session with: RYAN OSIRIS – DJ Set, AUTOMATIC TASTY, ALIEN HAND, CH415, ROBOSTUD – ‘Soothing Sounds For 22nd Century Factory Workers’ release session, !KABOOGIE DJs

Choons by:
*AUTOMATIC TASTY (acroplane / lunar disko / d1) – DJ Set – Acid / House / Techno –
*ALIEN HAND (digital vomit) DJ Set – Rave / Breakcore / Jungle –
*CH415 – DJ Set – Electro / Techno –
*ROBOSTUD – ‘Soothing Sounds For 22nd Century Factory Workers’ release session
Thurs 25 November.  The Sweeney Mongrel (formerly Le Cirk), Dame St., Dublin 2. 10:00 – 02:30

“Here is a little note from his friends about the ROBOSTUD release…

This is the launch party for the first and only album made by Ruairí McDermott a.k.a. ROBOstud, initially released as a free download in
2008. This 12” version has been put together to commemorate Ruairí and his music, in which he found real pleasure and satisfaction. Ruairí was always trying to fill his life with the things he loved to do, and the people he loved to be with. We truly believe, on that night in January 2009 as he drifted into a sleep, never to wake up again, he was happier with his life than he had ever been. This is thanks in no small part to all of his friends, in Ireland and overseas, who took part in shaping the beautiful man that he was. Ruairí was only 23, but he left us with something that he put real passion and effort into. He wouldn’t want this to be a morbid affair, so come and join us in the party! People are welcome to ask us for a copy on the night, they are free of charge.”

Some links here for you: – release page

Munchiton and Resistance

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Check it. This is gonna be a fundraiser gig for ‘Rabble’, a new counter cultural magazine for Dublin. It’s still gotta get up off the ground (hence the fundraiser), but I’ll no doubt be pointing to it in the near future…

As you can see from the flyer above, the man like Munchi is gonna be laying it down. Like half the bass-web-universe, I’ve been keeping a close ear to this young man’s productions since April this year, when I heard the likes of tracks like ‘La Brasilena ta Montao’. For me, his style of music, one of his styles of music, known as Moombahton, was one of the more refreshing things I heard all year. Dembow plus ravey-up bits equates to DELICIOUS. Plus, this is the perfect antidote to the gash climes (meteorologically and ec**omically) we’re experiencing on this island at the moment… more on that in a bit.

Whopper lineup with support from !Kaboogie selectahs Richie !K,PCP and myself, as well as Antrophe (who lashed out a top notch bashment mix at Rathlin this year), Shatterfreak, Welfare, Psymonok, Carax, Sexface and NY’s Liondub. In fairness, like. Bend that lineup into ye.

Hopefully we’ll be able to have a good session after making our voices heard earlier that day. Yes, Saturday sees the masses take to the streets of Dublin in protest at the arrogance of our government. For those who mightn’t know, our glorious leaders have placed us in the position where the IMF have had to enter the country. A banking system that was allowed to run wild whilst our fat cat head honchos in Fianna Fáil turned a blind eye has led to the need to bail out the banks, I mean Ireland, oh no, hang on, bail out Europe is it?

EU Financial Commissionar Olli Rehn was talking about the need to quench the Irish ‘bushfire’ before it becomes a Europe-wide ‘forestfire’. Shit analogy, Mr Rehn, but you get the point. European banks couldn’t stop themselves throwing money at us during the boom years, yet just didn’t seem to be aware of the many cracks in our banking system, cracks which have made themselves obvious in the last while, yet we don’t know how deep they are yet. They’re pretty quick to over help out no? If Irish banks aren’t bailed out, this is going to feedback into the German, French and British banks that loaned so carelessly in the first place.

So what happens now is we let the IMF and ECB into the country (even though our barely elected government representatives denied this ever happening mere days before their arrival). The fucking IMF. If these guys were a private company who gave financial advice, they would have gone belly up years ago. Instead, the World Bank cheers them on while EVERYTHING THE IMF TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT. There’s plenty of evidence to back that up. Have a read of this for a nice, terrifying overview of who this pack of loons are (cheers to Eadaoin for the link).

Sadly, our government has failed to realise this (honestly, words fail me trying to describe these disgusting individuals. Individuals that have to be ferried to and from government buildings in limos, with garda escort, at a massive cost to the taxpayer. The average expenses claimed by these incompetent apes, no offence to apes, is more than what the average person earns in Ireland. Their expenses. Not their take-home pay.). Instead, Cowen welcomes the solidarity displayed by his European neighbours. Thanks Europe! Thanks for offering to help out! Really appreciate it you guys, honestly it’s great that you guys are offering these great loans to us that we’ll be paying back FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES so you can protect your banks. Nice one.

The government is hanging in by a thread. If they collapse, this next budget doesn’t happen. And nothing’s been 100% set in stone with the IMF and ECB vultures yet. Defaulting on our loans sounds like a scary prospect. Yet, Argentina did it and survived, despite the IMF trying to tell the world otherwise. Sure, they weren’t part of a single currency like the Euro, but still, even these guys and this guy think we’d be better off defaulting.

What we can do now at least is get out on the streets Saturday and make some noise. The people must act! We cannot take this lying down.

PS I’m not a very politicised person, but this current situation is driving me to become one. The above is a summary of the situation and possible alternatives, I’m not clued up enough to suggest them myself, thus am pointing to articles. Everyone in my generation has been lumped with huge debt thanks to the greed of a small few. These bankers, and the government that protected them are guilty of treason, why they have not been locked up is beyond me. They sold our country out and will get away with it unless we get off our collective arses.

Back Up, Back Up!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Jayzuz, I was gone a while there. Was finishing my masters thesis, followed by a little general chilling the f**k out time, which was nice.

So yeah, normal service resumes!

Playing this Friday in Belfast with Ed Devane and Paul from Acroplane. Tis number five in Acroplane’s Bass Sessions series. Really looking forward to this, haven’t played out since September, and it’s nice to immerse myself in vinyl and basically listening to a heap of tunes in preperation for it. Getting a few ideas for new mixes so watch this space too. Roll on…