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Eomac – EP One

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Fresh release from !Kaboogie’s Eomac for Hsuan Records! You can check the sounds over here, and it’s well worth a purchase. This, combined with the track featured on Ghetto Quietly’s second release, equals a fairly good chance that 2011 could be a big year for Eo. Rumour has it himself and PCP wrecked the gaff in Galway on Friday night too!

Bass Bully

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Lady Grew’s ‘Bass Bully’ EP will be dropping in February on the rather savage Ghetto Quietly label. Lady Grew’s serious vocal talents have been showcased on Prince Kong’s ‘Proper Horror Show’ album and ‘Well Sick’ EP, and Kong is pon the buttons for this one too. Check the previews here, and once you’ve got that taster digested, head round to the Bass Bully launch party on Feb 18th up in new venue (exciting) Casa Rebelde. Gonna have an all new live show for Lady Grew, with beatage and bassage coming from Prince Kong, Sixfoot Apprentice and the Bluefood. Fiver before 11 sure, seven after.

Don’t forget if yr in Cork this Friday, you can catch Lady Grew with Richie !Kaboogie, T-Lab and myself in the Pavilion, all proceeds going to the Cork Steiner School!


Grab yr delicious vinyl slice of Lady Grew’s ‘Bass Bully’ from Cargo Records:


Cork Session 4th February

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Big session coming up in Cork. Richie !Kaboogie, Wiggle‘s T-Lab, Lady Grew and myself will be supplying party by the bellyful on the 4th February in the Pavilion. Kicks off at 10pm, €7 door tax, and proceeds going to the Cork Steiner School. Expect to hear a dubwise selection, and sure we might even get on a moombahton/cumbia/bashment tip if it goes that way! Last time I played in Cork was in the Pavilion too, with fellow !Kaboogier Eomac. The crowd was mental that night, and there was a delicious Rane mixer to use as well, so I’m well looking forward to another night down there! Reach if you can!

So it is.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

This Saturday 22 January sees all the people listed on the flyer above play in Belfast. Fairly whopper line-up, some big names in there but maybe more interesting is the gathering of so many diverse Belfast crews and artists in one place; Acroplane, Pressure, Ecker, these heads know their shit, and the whole thing is only £8 for the day! Belfast Electronic Music Festival, SO IT IS!

!K Club 20th January

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Big shtyle. First one of 2011, badman dub operator T-Woc (check his slick nu-look website here) and blogger extraordinaire Nialler9 pon the selections tonight. Kicking off at 10pm, basement of Sweeney Mongrel’s, Dame Street. Free buzz like.

In Praise of Copying

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Was listening to DJ/rupture‘s consistently awesome Mudd Up show on WFMU there recently. His special guest was Marcus Boon, a writer, journalist and Associate Professor in the English Literature department at Toronto’s York University. They had a pretty interesting chat, discussing ownership in dancehall and hip-hop, the human need to copy, as well as discussing Marcus’s new book, ‘In Praise of Copying’, which you can grab for free, in pdf form, here. He also plays a few tunes, including one called ‘Logobi Hardcore 100%’, which will tickle your footbuds. Listen to the audio here, and while you’re at it you might as well have a browse through the archives there.

2011 probably means waaaay more music than you can ever hope to filter through, despite feed subscriptions and other digital funnelry. Rupture is one of the few podcasts I’m probably going to keep listening to this year just cos the man never gets stale: he’s put on some great shows in 2010; personal favourites would include Das Racist, Larisa Mann aka DJ Ripley, and Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides, all top notch stuff and more than worthy of a check out. Don’t forget yr wellies.

While I’m on about Rupture, check out his new mixtape, ‘Harlem Is Nowhere’, which is featured on Italian architecture zine Domus. Featuring author Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, the mix contains excerpts from her new book, ‘Harlem Is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America’ (hence the mix title). The mix itself doesn’t explicitly feature heaps of music from Harlem, it more aims to create the essence and vibe of Harlem. Rupture and Pitts describe it so:

We first arrived in Harlem through books and poetry and music; a Harlem of dreams. The street-level view came later. Listening to and walking through this city-within-a-city requires having one’s ears to the ground and eyes to its expansive sky. If Harlem is a “nowhere” in the sense of a utopia, we hope to slip – via the music – into that location.

I really like this idea of trying to tap into the vibe of an area through music. There were a few out-takes from my thesis on the geographical context of music and how it’s impacted by digital media. Didn’t fit in with the vibe of the thesis but I guess the beauty of a blog is that you get to exercise these otherwise-homeless ideas. Here’s one:

Although it could be argued that the internet has the power to negate music’s geographical context, ethnologies such as bass culture ‘totally go in for fetishizing origins and roots, they have this intensely territorialized sense of ancestry.'[Reynolds, 526]

Dusk and Blackdown’s 2008 album ‘Margins Music’ created something akin to a sonic map of London, a ‘celebration of these places and people, and the culture that has inspired us for so long… We tried to use as much colour as possible, sample from different cultures, paint different shades and then blend them together like the city that surrounds us.’

Some of the key factors that help sustain bass culture in a localized area are described by Martin Clark, in the case of London, as multiculturalisam, racial integration, a history of pirate radio broadcasting and DIY culture. Although tempos and genres change, the sense of ownership of this music stays the same. Clark describes ‘a sense of belonging to London… but also a sense of confusion over identity as well’. He suggests that the problem of identity is more of a problem for the media who can’t easily label the culture, whereas those who participate in the culture ‘just get on with life’. Yet they deal actively with identity problems by engaging in group ritual at bass culture events. Although genrification can be beneficial to those active within bass culture, e.g. distributors and retailers, it can also be used by the media enable a better understanding of how a section of society feels, without necessarily having to go out there and ‘slum’ with that population.

One of the original goals I had in my thesis was going to be a discussion on the viability of creating a localized sound for Dublin. The only way of testing this out would be to go about trying to create one, and that would have been a thesis in itself. Richie !Kaboogie is currently curating an attempt to do so, albeit with the use of a fairly strict production template that artsits have to adhere to. Although that sounds pretty restricted, there’s actually a huge variety in the tracks that have come back so far, a testament to the imagination of Dublin-based producers. I guess why something like this succeeds is less because it’s aiming to recreate sounds clearly identifiable with Dublin (the Moore Street market, the LUAS, the sound of greasy palms melting into each other in Leinster House… ), and more due to the fact that it’s created a template for those who live there to sculpt out the vibe. Less the actual ‘streetview’, and more the metaphor, which is going to vary wildly from person to person (and indeed, producer to producer). Sure, you mightn’t be able to tell whether such a project was based on Dublin or Galway, for example (or further afield), but it’s not like we’re trying to create audio postcards for Bórd Fáilte now, is it?

Nuff Tankage

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A massive thank you to everyone who came to !Kaboogie’s Fifth Birthday last Friday, the basement was ram-jam and there was some serious action on the dancefloor from the get go, so big up one and all! And whoever was responsible for the cake and champagne, fair play to yis!

There’s been loads of sound comments and general goodness flying into !Kaboogie HQ the last few weeks, and since the party too, tis great to know that what we do is appreciated by all of you so much.

A big shout to Scratcha DVA, Mungo’s HiFi and the mighty Soom T for absolutely wrecking the dance as well on Friday!

Stay tuned for news on Soom T’s recording debut for !Kaboogie as well…


!Kaboogie is Five!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

2011 sees !Kaboogie celebrate it’s fifth year of bassing, messing, turning things up too loud, whooping, hollering, slurping buckie, falling over and dancing on the backs of sofas. Aaaaaannnnnd we’re been putting on heaps of gigs, assisting with festivals, presenting radio shows, releasing music, running workshops, promoting local artists and generally DOING SOME PROPER WORTHWHILE SHIT that seems to make a lot of people out there really happy. As Antrophe says over on Soundtracks For Them: “Whether you spent your time chin stroking at the back in a pose of sobriety, or acting the maggot at the front or right speakers – we can all agree –  Kaboogie is definitely one of those entities in the city that means something to an awful lot of people.  So many sound heads met, so many sessions and friendships made through one of the best underground nights most of our generation have seen.” Word.

So we’re doing a party on the 14th in the Pepper (see flyer above). The night’s entertainment comprises of the mighty Scratcha DVA, (who absolutely killed it at Sibín last year, and whose productions are currently flying around the ionosphere causing strange electrical storms, disturbing cattle herds and making gammy knees twitch), Mungos HiFi (Glasgows champion sound system and purveyors of skank-tastic riddims) and MC Soom T (who’s blesses with the most out-there flow and shall be featured alongside Kansas city Prophets on the next !Kaboogie record…). And sure if that wasn’t enough, all of us !Kaboogie DJs will be playing – A-Force, PCP, Sixfoot Apprentice, Eomac, Richie !K and meself. AND the mighty All City DJs will be playing upstairs too for your dancing pleasure.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! There’s also this 58-piece knife set, absolutely free! OK, so that’s a lie, but we DO have this flippin amazing sampler to give away for free to say thanks to all of yous out there for supporting !Kaboogie, coming to our gigs, buying our releases, mashing the dancefloor up and generally making this whole thing worth doing. If people didn’t support what we do, we’d have stopped a long time ago, and I think we’re blessed with our following. Big up each and every one of yis, yis feckers yis!

More details on the gig here, see ye up the front!

New Choons

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Good start to the year so far in terms of homegrown sounds. First off, the good people over at Bass Music Blog did a couple of interviews with !Kaboogie heads A-Force and Eomac. Tis a nice little introduction to the Irish bass scene, and there’s a class mix from Eomac there as well for those who prefer their introductions to take place in their ears. It’s great that people from outside of Ireland are interested with what’s going on here. Any guests that have come to play for us have always bigged us up, so a nice reputation has been built, plus with all the high quality music coming out of the country at the moment, this interest is only going to grow. Bigs up to the Bass Music lads for this one, and if yr not checking out their blog regularly, get on it, heaps of free downloads, mixes, articles and general goodness.

New release from the man like Cignol too. He had a pretty good year in 2010 with some tasty releases (such as this) for Alphabet Set, and now he’s good some more chunky electronics out there in the form of the Void EP which you can download here, for free.

Shouts to Chris from SSTN for pointing out this lovely EP from Dubh Thrian. Based in Leitrim, Dubh Thrian’s sound is on a haunted garage tip, perfect for Sunday afternoons in January as yr watching the light decay outside, or afraid to pull the curtains, whatever the case may be.