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Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Yo, just made a load of these. More on the way. Grab ’em from The Picture Rooms which is run by ridiculously nice people who are into running a gallery for The Right Reasons. The lads in the picture are called Minimonks and they’re been proven through rigorous laboratory experimentation (I puts in the hours see?) to ward off evil spirits, duppies and even THE FEAR.


Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Jus’ sayin…

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

!kaboogie presents – NHK & Legion of Two

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Just confirmed, we’ve got some serious heft inbound: NHKyx and Legion of Two on May 19th. Proper posters, full details, etc. on the way soon. Just letting yis know early so you can get into training. Nice, non?


Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Two savage home-grown releases dropped of late (well, more than that to be honest but these are two particularly delicious beat-encrusted bass pies).

Ghetto Quietly‘s fourth release is available from April 16th in both vinyl and computer breath formats, and features remixes of Lady Grew‘s recent ‘Bass Bully EP’ by Mad EP and T-Woc. The digital also packs remixes by 2bit and Swarm Intelligence. The 7″ mixes are exclusive to the vinyl and not available digitally, so you know what to do!

Previews here.

Alphabet Set badman T-Woc and Cignol pair up for a chunky 12″ release dropping on 23rd April (also available digitally). Words about music fail me right now so just go check the motherfuckin previews beotch.

rabble fundrasing ruckus 4 with MUNCHI!!!

Monday, April 16th, 2012


rabble welcomes back the kid with big hair that’s proven to be one of the world’s premier moombahtonistas and tropical bass aficionados. For those of you asking, what the hell is that? Let’s put it this way, expect some seriously wonky riddims and big ass bass to get you…r money maker shaking. Munchi played our first ever gig in Toners on Baggot St. Despite being plagued by 9 hour flight delays, last minute venue cancellations, blizzards, noise complaints and cutlery spontaneously smashing itself in the bar, he held tight to his promise to come back and do it all again.

Support on the night comes from Oshroom and Redmonk, two of the city’s finest sound bwoy scallywags who simply refuse to grow up (EDIT – we’re doing our best to clean up our act!).

As usual, all profits go back to the printing of the local parish newsletter for the city’s pissed off and disgruntled.

Check out this mix by Munchi:

Oshroom’s Wotsits Allsorts mix:

Redmonk’s Snake Eyes Mix:

As this is a strictly dancefloor affair we’re kicking off a little later than usual. So, get down before 11:30pm to support your hometown heroes and we’ll let you in for 5e. After that it’s 8e dudes. We really can’t do any better.

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Kaboogie Bizniz of the H-ci and Warren Knowles Variety

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Total megazoid beats dripping in bass juice this Saturday, FOR REALZZZZZZ.

H-ci is a purveyor of beats, whether acoustic as a jazz drummer, or electronic under one of his monikers. Some of yis might be familiar with his electro-crunch track ‘CFRmx2’ which appeared on the mystical and legendary third !kaboogie sampler ( As well as ambient pieces (such as his ‘Bottlenote’ series, available here:, he his currently working on more beat-driven tracks, with a full EP forthcoming on Kaboogie Music. While yr waiting on that to drop, swing down to King 7 to check out what promisies to be a proper badman liveset that will make you wiggle your bits.

Cork-based DJ and producer Warren Knowles will be warming up by laying down a set of strictly vinyl electronics. With a background in techno (Sir Henrys in Cork, Influx in Dublin… ), this guys got over a decade experience on the decks: he’s resident DJ for one of our favourite crews, Electric Underground, and has supported the likes of Milanese, Jerome Hill, Muziq, Shackleton and Luke Vibert, to name but a few. Expect a mixed bag of quality bass-heavy vibes from this man…

Support from the !kaboogie messers.