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Everyone should be listening to this…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Amazing new work from Lukid on Ninja Tune/Werk… Listen and grab it here, or in yr local record shop if its any way daycent.


Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Harmonic 313 – Lion feat. Riko Dan pon the mic, get it here.


Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Kansas City Prophets

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Tasty video what Kansas City Prophets did for his remix of ‘Reckoner’ by Radiohead. Check the tunes he contributed to the Defiance EP on !Kaboogie over here.

Homeboy Sandman on the state of modern hip hop

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Homeboy Sandman on the ball with this article on values in modern hip hop. Well worth a read. Shouts to Linda for sharing it. Here’s a tune featuring Homeboy on a Spinna beat with Pso and Fresh Daily, he’s got the first verse and it’s yum good.

Mike Slott in Belfast

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Gwaan The Hungry Ear crew, bringin ye Mike Slott (All City) & Sina (Project Mooncircle) live and direct the Menagerie in Belfast tomorrow Thursday the 25th. SO IT IS.

Om Unit – Ulysses

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Video by Bison (with skies from Sam Coldy)

Tune out now on the Aeolian EP, available on Civil Music.

Point B – Don’t Switch Off

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Tasty little 3-tracker here from Point B, an artist I’ve been following since I first heard his remix of Transparent Sounds ‘Freaks Frequency’ back in 2004:

His ‘Don’t Switch Off’ EP, which you can get from here is a tasty blend of garage and electro to get yr parts jigglin’. I recommend.

Here’s a banger from last year as well, one of my all-time favourites from the man:

Keep an eye on his stuff on his Soundcloud page, and sure while yr at it, check out his Planes moniker as well, on more of a hip-hop tip.


Saturday, October 20th, 2012

This is tonight, whopper lineup!


Monday, October 8th, 2012

First !Kaboogie gig since the summer and it’s a feckin whopper! Three unreal acts lined up that we’re delighted to host. First up we got Flying Buttresses, which combines the beats and turntables of Deviant & Naive Ted along with the vocal dexterities of MC Sebi C (they just dropped their Orson Welles EP which I mentioned here).

Lewis James is making a bit of a homecoming gig here as well. Been following this guy the last while (he used to go under the moniker Uncle Lew), and one of the highlights from him has to be the set he played at Community Skratch Games In Galway this year which you can grab here from the good peeps at Rythym Incursions. Keep an eye on his Soundcloud page for details of releases an ting. Get it into ye.

Finally, someone we’ve been trying to get over the last few months, Coco Bryce. Man, I love this lads music (mainly from hearin this tune – the sorta music to makes ye feel like a BAWWWS even if yr peeling parsnips), loads of it here to check out too. Get yr low end swagger back from the cleaners for this wan.

Support from the unstoppable bass machine that is/are the !Kaboogie DJs. King 7, Capel St., 8 squids, kickin off at 10.30 but get down early cos it’ll be gettin heavy from early yeahhhhh?