Spoom Collective Exhibition This Friday!

The Spoom Collective will showcase an exciting body of original artworks yet to be seen by the public at Platform Arts exhibition space. A collaborative approach is key in the work featuring artists such as:

KVLR (Belfast), Friz (Belfast), Dogboy (London), Redmonk (Dublin), Bad Seed (Edinburgh) and Horsey (Melbourne).
Platform Arts
(1 Queen street)
Friday 2nd July
The exhibition will feature large scale collaborative pieces from the artists as well as individual works employing a diverse variety of techniques and mediums. Spoom shares
strong links with Trans delivering countless workshops such as the street art master class, site specific murals and co-organizing the BASE street art and music festival.
Exhibition runs until 15 July
www.SpoomCollective.com (hold tight the under construction massive)

(Ok, so that’s our official spiel, lemme just saw the space we have for this is MASSIVE and we’ve been hard at work the last while getting it ready. There’s gonna be tunes from Rudimentary, Explosion Soundsystem, John King, Chuck, and more so get on down yeah? And it’s BYOB too innit.)

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