Down in the harbour…

I was asked to paint at the annual DĂșn Laoghaire Rathdown Festival of World Cultures. But the cool thing about this was that all the paint that was gonna be used was recycled. It comes from the Community Repaint Scheme. This initiative was set up by the good folks at the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun (who also operate a furniture recycling project). You can find out more about the scheme here.

Another cool thing about this project was that the man like A-Force was going to be working with me, it was his first time painting in years, and his first public/live/street art piece. Had a great time doing this, got to eat some bangin falafel and samosas and drink some good coffee (man, the food stalls at the festival are UNREAL).

This was a great experience, normally doing murals we’ll have lots of little acrylics, mixed with a big tub of white emulsion to give them extra ‘legs’, but when I saw some of the colours they had up at the Repaint Scheme, man, I was like a kid in a sweet shop kid after eating a sweetshop, bouncing off the walls style. Great fun just lashing into big tins with masonry brushes. The theme for this year was biodiversity, and here’s what the finished piece looked like, big ups to Andy and all the folks at the Rediscovery Centre! (and to Sheila for the life-saving sandwiches!)

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