Base 2010

Yoyo, BASE is part of the Trans Festival in Belfast. It’s two days of live painting and music by some of the best European artists out there. Took place in St Anne’s Square in the Cathedral Quarter, which was a slightly unreal environment (freshly built, all giant pillars and solid paving, you wouldn’t want to spill any paint over…)

It was all go for the two days, here’s the piece I did (which is named after Ed Devane’s track on the forthcoming !Kaboogie release, ‘Rapidfirebuzzer EP’).

Dog Boy

Elph in action


Friz, KVLR, Will Barras (work in progress)


While we’re on Kriksix’s work, go check out what he did to this car

Connie Bree




Bad Seed & Miguel Martinez

Mr Kern


And more!

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