Paddy’s Day Bashy Bashy

Now this is gonna be proper. For those that don’t know, Noyeahno is one half of the mighty Rag & Bone crew. Alongside partner in crime, Warlock, Noyeahno has been running Rag & Bone Records, as well as co-presenting the consistently badass Rag & Bone show on Sub FM, which for me at least is one of the best (if not the best) shows out there featuring heaps of fresh dubs, tightness pon the ones and twos and just a delicious selection of bass-heavy electronics every two weeks. I strongly advise tuning in. Next show is in two weeks, the 16th March, so if ye likes what ye hears, get yr arse down to O’ Byrnes for what is going to be a right knees-up! Check out this recent Rag & Bone show to get a good idea of what to expect.

!Kaboogie have crewed up with Punky Reggae Party and Soundtracks for Them on this one, so we’re all set to have a bigtime session. The PRP crew will be runnin tings in the front bar, expect ska, punk, soul and reggae. Inside, we’ll have A-Force and myself representing !Kaboogie, and warming the dance up for Noyeahno. Expect to be served a barrage of grimey, ravey goodness, with barrels of bass thrown at you in an Indiana Jones stylee. Cept, unlike with Indy, ye don’t need to dodge these barrels, embracing the full impact is recommended. (On reflection, I think Indy maybe dodged those big rolling stones and also those big swingy knives. But hey, I’ll stick with it, works, non?)

Feck the analogies, see yis down the front!

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