I know I’m about 2 weeks late with this but had too much paint on me hands gettin ready for this so couldn’t do the typey-typey-ting. You might have noticed a new publication on the streets of Dublin. It’s called Rabble and it’s a non-profit paper put together by a big crew of volunteers, ranging from artists to writers to music types to football heads to joke-makers to beetroot fanatics to spiritual gurus.

It’s about the realities of living in post-boom Dublin. Here‘s a pretty good summation of our collective buzz.

I’ve provided an illustration for the cover story, ‘Planet of the Interns‘, and also written a piece on ‘anti-social’ behaviour. I’ll be coming back to that theme in the future, but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my piece:

“Graffiti art is often lumped in with many aspects of youth culture as ‘anti-social’. As mindless vandalism bereft of any artistic qualities, perpetrated by cowardly hoodlums under the cover of darkness, a faceless counter to decency and the notion of property. It is dealt with by gray paint, powerwashers and policy that I would describe as more ‘anti-social’ than the menace that’s supposedly being battled…”

Read the rest of it here, or better still, go hunt down a copy of Rabble at one of our many pickup points. Not many of Issue 1 left but get in contact if you need a copy! If ye want to write for us, suggest a pickup point, provide illustrations, donate to us, please do! This is a 100% grassroots, non-profit operation, and can only be as strong as the network of people supporting it. Get stuck in!

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