Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro

I mentioned Maga Bo’s upcoming album a few months ago, and it’s finished. The man’s been working on it the last three years, self-financed, and has set up a Kickstarter page to help finalise the project: mastering, duplication, distro and artwork all cost money. There’s loads more info on the page and short video displaying some World Music 2.0 sensibilities at work. To get a flavour of the sounds, check this most recent Outras Terras mixtape, mighty craic so it is.

Check the name of the album as well, quilombo referencing autonomous zones set up by runaway slaves in Brazil in the 1600s, people wanting to escape a system that punishes them and LIVE FREE LIVES. Relevant today, much? Anyways, head over here and make a donation, even a fiver goes a long way: 23 days left, 43% funded, let’s go!

Top photo by Fred Pacifico

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