rabble 3

It’s arrived. Enclosure is the theme. Topics include inner city housing, the privitisation of homeless services, government strategies to deny us a free internet (yeah, thats right, the same pack of clowns who talk about ‘digital economy’ when they blatantly don’t have a clue, bless ’em) and attempt to impose a household tax for services that they can’t even define. Servicing the debt anyone? Here’s one of my contributions on that very subject:

This is what 5,000 copies look like (and no, that picture isn’t out of focus, it was the heat haze, fresh of the presses knowhumsayinnnn?):

Our distro crew have been hard at it since, you can pick up a copy in all the usual spots, plus a few new ones as we strive to widen our reach. Cork, Galway and Belfast crews hold tight: give us the weekend and we’ll have em to ye. Need a copy? Hit us up and we’ll look after ye. Wanna get involved? Drop us a line here, we’d love to hear from ye, plus our cups of tea represent.

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