NHKyx & Legion of Two – May 19th

!Kaboogie Stat!K is a new series of gigs run by !kaboogie. In a revolutionary era in music and the visual practice, it will focus on new experimental music and related work in audio visual performance. The aim of these gigs is to explore the intersection of noise, sound art and experimental composition with beats and club music.

Stat!K will also focus on presenting and developing the new wave of musically integrated visuals. These include; the new aesthetic, audio reactive and generative software process, visual programming languages,   projection mapping, video synthesis, data visualisation, processed dance,  high res open source video etc.

We plan to do this in the context of what we do best, providing fun spaces for open minded audiences to enjoy hard and cutting edge sounds in a club environment.

Another aim is to foster links with international practitioners, scenes, labels and festivals.

For an idea of the artists we will be hosting and working with examine the rosters of; Raster Noton, important , PAN , Blackest ever Black, Digitalis, Hospital Productions.  We will also be taking inspiration from festivals like Unsound(po), Supersonic (uk), Ars Electronica(de) , Transmediale(de), Hunters Moon (ire)etc.

!Kaboogie is continuing a tradition of innovation and originality that has seen them
break grime, dubstep ,breakcore and mash up in Ireland . A list of names that includes Rustie , Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot),  Ms Dynamite , King Cannibal, Kingdom, DJ C, Durrty Goodz, Scratcha DVA, Warrior Queen and the Bug, Heatwave, Terror Danjah as well as supporting new Irish music with gigs and  on !Kaboogie records.

The first in this series of gigs will feature NHXyx and Legion of Two and a Screening of METACHAOS by  Alessandro Bavari, winner of many awards including the 2011 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica for computer animation/film/vfx.

NHKyx – 257

Legion of Two – ‘Handling Noise’ (Live)

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