Rabble 4 out pon the streets!

Holy independent publishing fiends Batman! OK so us rabblers just got another issue done, that’s four so far… one every three months means SHEAAATTTTT the last year went by quick! This time round we’re on about the Youth Defence, the shtate of the FAI, festival madness and of course the winner of our Boomtown ticket competition is announced.

Every issue has been more solid than the previous one, but we still need MORE WRITERS! C’mon, there’s loads of yis out there who have a great way with words coupled with investigative minds so get in touch with us!

I’ve got a good few illustrations in it this time round, the one below highlighting the amazing services on offer in your local. Sure, with pubs this good, why would you need any sort of BYOB (or even booze free?) CULTURE?

In terms of distro, you can pick it up in the usual haunts (lots of new places being added to the list, big up to everyone who’s been getting in contact and looking after distro in their neck of the woods!). Most of them are out already and as per usual they’re flying out. If you’re far from a pick-up point and would like a few copies please get in touch and we’ll do our best to look after ye. And don’t forget to check out our merch page as well, we’ll be re-upping the tshirts sooooon, for the time being we got some ladies sizes as well as a nice selection of prints from our illustration crew dem.

What a year, roll on Issue FIVE!!!

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