I predominantly use acrylic on canvas, sometimes including spraypaint, inks and household paints. I’m a big fan of solid blocks of colour and bold graphics, although of late I’m starting to explore a more textural approach. The gallery below shows a selection of recent work, a mixture of exhibition pieces and private commissions.



My first art projects were walls. Painting big and bold with a crew of like-minded artists is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve experienced, and was a great way to build up skills, confidence and contacts. Street/graffiti/urban artists are some of the most encouraging and ego-free people I’ve met, a fantastic community of people. The work below includes both solo and collaborative walls.



My illustration work centres on my work for the !Kaboogie crew: poster design and record art feature here. Also included is work for both digital and analog magazines.



Rabble is a volunteer-run, non-profit community newspaper that I am on the editorial board of. My main contribution is illustrating and collating with other visual artists, although I also write articles, source advertising and distribute each print edition.



I have worked extensively for the last two years in the area of community arts. My role involves working mainly with teenage youth groups: they provide the ideas, which I subsequently draft up into a sketch. I show the group a number of different painting techniques and then the sketch is painted onto the wall with the youth group doing the majority of the painting. As the gallery below demonstrates, spraypaint is the common medium, although brushes are also used occassionally. Further, I have worked on intergenerational projects which involve teenagers and senior citizens collaborating on large-scale murals. Please click  any of the images below and you can navigate through them in a hi-res slideshow.



Signage is an area I’ve moved into recently: accurate replicas of existing designs to developing logos from scratch.



A few random bits!