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Belfast: Culture Night an ting

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Was up in Belfast last weekend to paint as part of Culture Night 2013. Deadly to see so many of the crew, like KVLR, Friz and Danleo (to name but a few!). Caught the fundraiser gig for this project on the Saturday too, shouts to the Rudimentary lads for throwing a fine party. More on that project later, for now, eat these photos nomnomnomnom:

Fundit: UpStart

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Fantastic project here from UpStart which will see a vacant lot in Dublin’s city centre transformed into a park with a cafe, cinema and theatre, and generally bringing a hell of a lot of art to people in a very accessible way, but ONLY if they reach their funding target. It’s at 56% now and is climbing, but there’s only FIVE DAYS TO GO so please get behind this project by either donating, or sharing, or both. Thanks!

Rabble Magazine successfully funded for the next year!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

A thousand thank yous to all who dug deep and donated to our cause. Rabble will be kept in print for another year this way thanks to everyone out there who supported us and shared the campaign. We’ll remain an independent, reader-supported (and funded!) publication dedicated to delving deep and delivering the stories that matter to so many of us but are rarely touched by the mainstream media. We’ll continue to do a few funny bits as well sure.

There’s still five days to go, so we’re keeping the campaign alive until Monday noon. We’ll start prepping all the goodies for our donors shortly afterwards. At this point in time we’re 105% funded, so any extra will go towards running costs (such as rental on a little office space).

You can watch it soar and soar here.

Thanks, yis legends!

LEV 2013 Report

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Hats off to whoever organised this festival. Super cheap tickets, super tasty lineup, super pairing of music people with visuals peoples. Super surroundings (Laboral Ciuda del Cultura in Gijon, Asturias, Spain: feckin mad buildings with horsey sculptures out the ying yang and then a load of us boppin round to hoooj chooons, right craic).

And now the videos. First up we got Raime, who played a great set on the Friday night. It was all-seated, in the Teatro, and you couldn’t see a thing it was so pitch black, bar the visuals at the top, which were beautiful to watch, slow moving and ambiguous.

Saw Pole shortly afterwards, someone who I’ve listened to quite a lot at home, usually in the wee hours when it’s time to start switching off, but bejaysus does this lad tear up a PA with some hooooj swoops of dubbed-out bass! Great to hear this through the well-tuned soundsystem that was set up in the Iglesia (big fancy church, fair play to the sound crew, twas crisp for the size of the place and not a bit of echo).

Andy Stott finished up the Friday night with a slew of warehousey bangers. This was by far the most uptempo stuff I’d heard that night, and went down well with the crowd who were on a great buzz by this stage. I actually felt pretty spoilt by the last three acts of the night and I think a lot of others felt the same!

Saturday was a far more full-on affair. After Evian Christ and Face & Heel got La Nave all warmed up nice, Emptyset bludgeoned the crowd, switching between broken beat techno and unquantized industrial filth. Great tunes, but pity the visuals weren’t working for the full set.

Kid 606 followed up with a pretty heavy set, varying up the BPMs nicely, and playing a lot of his new stuff, which I hadn’t really checked out in advance as I prefer hearing that biz straight up and live.

For me, the absolute highlight of the weekend was Jon Hopkin’s set. I hadn’t heard of him before so didn’t know what to expect, but considering he was second last on, he musta had some skills right? It started off on a techy buzz but the guy practically demolished the crowd by the end of it, just watch the video ok?

The mighty Clark closed proceedings with a pretty decent set. OK. it’d be unreal for anyone else, but considering its Clark, I’m going to say it was pretty good, but not amazing.Just felt a bit disjointed in comparison to the ominous constant build of the previous set, knowhumsayin? Here’s a quick snippet:

Roll on next year! Big ups all the crew who kept it lit!