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All City Jam 2015

Saturday, June 13th, 2015



That time of year again, All City Tivoli jam today, running from 10-6. Be the usual mix of all-star international and national graffiti heads, BMX, skating as well as a little Rabble stall where we’ll be hawking our wares (including our new tshirts!) as well as supplying the tunes. Special guest DJ from Belfast’s Rudimentary crew, sound provided by Dubz Land. See yissers there!


Paul White

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014



Paul White returns to Dublin on Friday. One of the best hip-hop producers of the last few years. Then he goes and changes up the styles on his last album and brought in a load of live instrumentation to create some blissed-out psych and dub-pop. What’s dub-pop I hear you say? I haven’t a clue, go listen to the album though yeah?

I brought him over previously and MANY people on the night said to me it was the best gig they’d seen all year (it was June so it had won over at least 6 months of gigs).

Gonna try and get to both this and the Press Charges launch on the night, stunt doubles out the ying yang mang.


Redmonk – Paul White Mix by Redmonk on Mixcloud

Here’s a mix I did for the aforementioned Paul White gig from 2.5 years ago. All his productions from various albums. More on the hip-hop/beats tip than the new stuff. QUITE GOOD. Various people ‘in the know’ at the time probably said:

“This is the best 22-minute mix of some of Paul White’s music, in that exact order, available to stream online, that I have ever heard in my life”



Om Unit this Saturday!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013




This Saturday Om Unit will be playing in the Menagerie in Belfast alongside Boxcutter and my buddy Richie !Kaboogie. Fair play to the Rudimentary lads for this lineup, lookin forward to it like a bass clairvoyant.

It will sound somewhat like this:

Work in Progress

Saturday, June 29th, 2013



Was doing this at the recent All City Tivoli Car Park Jam (All Caps). Not finished yet, but ye might spot it flying around in the Dublin area. And now for a photo of SPRAYCANS IN A BAG:



They look so snug, don’t they?

Mindful Vandals – All City Gallery Launch

Monday, December 17th, 2012


Belfast Gig Shtyles

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Yo, Olan All City and moi are playin in the Menagerie next Saturday for those good people behind The Hungry Ear. You should come. We’ll bring loads of tasty vinyl and make you dance.

Paul White & Mo Kolours LIVE June 29th

Friday, June 22nd, 2012


!Kaboogie and All City are hooking up to bring you the mighty powers of Paul White and Mo Kolours on Friday 2th June in King 7.

Here’s a recent tune Paul White did with Guilty Simpson from his album ‘Rapping with Paul White‘, which is on the delicious label known as One-Handed Music.

Here’s the two lads doing their live debut in the Boiler Room.

Here’s a mix I did earlier, you can link to it from my ever-expanding page of musical mixiness, or go straight to it on Mixcloud here.

Redmonk – Paul White Mix by Redmonk on Mixcloud

Oh, and here’s the two lads talking shop somewhere in Lithuania for Finest Ego:

If ye likes the sounds, please go and support the artists and get their music through their Bandcamp pages or direct from One Handed Music.

!K Club 23 March – Knxwledge, Thatboytim, Marcus Ignored Playaz

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

!K Club this Thursday sees us host LA beatmaker Knxwledge, check the minimix here for a taster of what he’s gonna be bringing. Also, we’ve got Marcus Ignored Playaz, who’s been responsible for some of the better nights in Dublin the last year or two, bringing over the likes of Ben UFO, Ramadanman, Mosca, Girl Unit, and heaps of others from the post-whatchamacallit spectrum (April 2 will see Addison Groove and Jam City landing over!). Rounding off the whopper lineup is Thatboytim, chairman of Takeover Records, selector extraordinaire and simultaneous badman/niceguy. So yeah, tomorrow night, kicking off at ten bells, basement of Sweeney Mongrels, and feckin free in.