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Interview with Eomac

Friday, April 3rd, 2015
Ahead of this Sunday’s DabbledooMusic EXTRAVAGANZA, I caught up with Eomac to chat about production, notation and inspiration.
You relocated from Dublin to Berlin last year. This must make it handier for gigging around Europe and being able to hop on a train with your gear as opposed to constantly getting Ryanair flights. What are the other advantages? Does it have an effect on your creativity?
I think your surroundings always have a effect on your creativity. Being in Berlin means being surrounded by other like minded people and musicians. The place is full of electronic musicians, producers, djs. And that’s always inspiring.
On the other hand the scene here can be quite focused on techno so I’ve been very conscious of not getting too involved in that and just keep doing my own thing. I’ve always felt what I’m trying to do is broader than one particular sound.
Berlin doesn’t seem to be as concerned with red tape and bureaucracy as Dublin is when it comes to licensing and opening hours. Clubs that are open till 7am or 24 hours straight are pretty refreshing to the 3 hours you’d struggle to get in most Irish clubs. Do you think this gives DJs a chance to take people on more of a journey and play an extended set for 3 or 4 hours? Do you think clubs are that bit less rushed to finish than their Dublin counterparts? How does it effect the vibe of the crowd? 
It’s definitely a very different feel when a club can stay open til whenever it wants. It’s the way the law should be everywhere. It makes way more sense. It’s way more civilised. Ordering a beer at 8am and not feeling the need to get fucked because the bar might close soon!
And musically it definitely allows DJs to explore things a bit more, and take time to build. Having said that, that is not always a good thing. You never seem to reach that peak around 2.30 – 3am in Irish clubs where people are losing their shit because the end is nigh. That intense energy spike.
Just because something is longer doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s like, humans are not meant to be eternal. We need to know things are finite to fully appreciate them. And the shocking Irish licensing laws certainly allow us that!
So there’s pluses and minuses to both sides. But ultimately clubs should be allowed open whenever they want, for sure. The laws in Ireland are so backward concerning this. I was chatting to Sunil Sharpe (who helps run the Give Us The Night campaign) recently and he reckons the law will change soon, that it’ll be brought in without any fanfare. Probably to appease and distract us from some other horrorshow crime the government  are committing.
YouTube Preview Image
Between the record shops and club nights is the techno community a bit more visible and as a result do you feel more of a part of a bigger scene?
For sure the techno scene is very visible here. It’s why so many people come here – either to stay or for a visit. Like any scene you start seeing the regulars at the different parties. It’s nice. I’ve felt really welcomed and part of it. So yeah I do feel part of it. As I was saying though techno is the big scene here, but you do find all types of other scenes too which keeps it interesting. There are just so many musicians here!
You’re one half of Lakker alongside Dara Smith, with a new album ‘Tundra‘ out in May on R&S, really looking forward to it. I’ve always liked the visual identity that Lakker has crafted, be it the AV show or even the fact that you new album vinyl is a piece of art in itself. Do the visuals come after the music or would you ever buzz off the visuals to create tunes?
Thanks dude! Good question! The visuals are all Dara’s doing. I have input into whether I like or don’t like something, but it’s all down to him really. I trust his visual mind and his eyes! So for me the visuals always come after the music, but for Dara I think music and visuals happen simultaneously.
You’ve played piano since you were young. What’s your relationship with standard notation, have you composed much this way? 
I can read music pretty well, but I’m out of practice! I used to compose a lot this way.  After I did my Trinity masters I spent a lot of time writing contemporary chamber and solo instrumental music along with electronic stuff. I did a PhD in composition for a few years, but I’m a raver at heart so I quit that. Academia was not for me.
I imagine I’ll compose instrumental music again at some point, but for now it’s all electronic.
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Would you ever see yourself using graphic notation to compose?
I’ve admired graphic scores by people like Ligeti ( Some of those scores are works of art in themselves. It’s not something I’m currently interested in, but never say never.
You’ve been busy in the studio the last few months with a slew of remixes for the likes of Swarm Intelligence and Mick Finnesse as well as the stunning ‘I Am Starting to Believe’ on Stroboscopic Artifacts. Any more releases in the pipeline? Is it too early to talk about the follow up to ‘Spectre’? (Seriously, if it is tell me to back off! 🙂
Haha. No, I’m definitely thinking about a follow up to Spectre. But in the meantime I have another EP soon which will be announced next week. You’ll hear some in my set in Sunday. And I’m working on a very special and exciting project with Bedouin Records. But  my lips are sealed for the moment…
How do you sketch out tracks? What sort of stuff inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Anything that makes me feel something. A conversation, a film, the way two people interact in the street. Often I’ll want to express those feelings and music is the avenue I feel most comfortable in doing that.
Sounds and other music directly inspire me though, in that sometimes I’ll hear a sound or another piece of music and I’ll instantly hear a new piece of music in my head. Then its just about finding a way to get that out of my head and into people’s ears.
I sketch directly in Ableton, in tbe clip view. If I’m not at my computer I’ll write some key words down in my notebook, something to remind me of my idea. Maybe a sketch of structure or something.
Top three producers to watch out for in 2015?
My boy Arad (Dara from Lakker). He has some amazing stuff brewing.
Anyone from the Principe Discos label – that shit is the future.
And SPACES (who’s also playing Sunday night) – that Bjork collaboration is just the start I feel…
You can keep up to date with Eomac’s delicious sounds here, here and here. You can catch him at the Twisted Pepper Easter Sunday too, grab tickets here while they’re left!

Interview for Number Krunch

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


Rachel Bothwell from Number Krunch sat down with Shane McKenna and myself recently over a cup of tea to chat about DabbledooMusic, post-successful Fundit campaign. Here’s a quick snippet:

RB: So tell me what you’re trying to achieve at DabbledooMusic?

Shane: It’s a new method of teaching music in primary schools aimed at teachers, children and parents. It exists as a workbook that we self published last December and a free online resource, for use in the classroom or at home. It’s based around a new type of musical notation called graphical notation, which uses moving shapes and colours on a screen instead of classical notation, which uses notes and bars etc.

You can read the rest of Part One here and stay tuned for Part Two…


Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

So me mates Barry and Simon went over to Brussels and opened a SAVAGE seafood restaurant called ‘Bia Mara’. It’s on Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41 and you should go there. Best fish and chips I ever had. Basically combines street food speed with a range of fine-dining techniques so the result is mad yummers NEXT LEVEL FISH’N’CHIPS. The menu is pure genius, hats off to the lads. I was over there a few weeks ago to help paint the place. Here’s some photos, inside and out:

Shouts to Lisa from Rowdy Studio for all the graphic design work as well as sorting the stencils!

Went over there again a week or two ago and had a great time: ate the whole menu, did some more painting, played a few tunes and did an interview for Brussels International TV. Here’s what the food looks like:

Get that into ye!

Captain Haddock inspired (unbeknownst to me at the time however!) painting what I did (referred to as Captain Igloo in this review):

Interview (I start ranting around 3:45 in…):


Shouts to Barry, Simon, Cairene, Sarah and Ryan, see yis soon!



!Kaboogie on D’telly

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

!Kaboogie lads Sixfoot Apprentice and PCP were interviewed for Community of Independents there a while back. They talk about upcoming releases, the state of Irish electronic music and ‘Scratch-o-Vision’. You can hear the lads weekly radio show on Raidio na Life 106.4fm every Saturday night, 10.30pm-12.00am.

Interview for White Lady Art

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Alexa McDermott from the White Lady Art blog did a quick interview with me recently. We talked about art, music, airships and squids. Check it out here.

Lakker are deadly

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Savage interview and mix from the Lakker lads here. The Dublin pairing of Dara Smith  and Ian McDonnell (who also goes under the name Eomac) have been ninjas of the electronic music variety since way back when, and have gathered up quite a bit of momentum and international attention (some chap called Aphex Twin played THREE of their tracks at the Forbidden Fruit Festival this year).

Mix – Lakker by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

Another one from them below, recorded live at the Jigs and Rigs Festival 2011 on Rathlin Island. I am weepy face for missing this.

Check their blog too, they have free tunes for download every now and again. Stay tuned for upcoming release from the lads on Berlin’s Killekill label too…