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Misha Freshin – March 27

Friday, March 27th, 2015

misha freshin poster 2


Dope new night from peoples who are doing it for the right reasons, will be a regular thing so reach and support the homegrown local talents!

!Kommunity Skratch!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The !K Club – Community Skratch Nite with:

*DEVIANT (comm skratch / alphabet set / stress debt & chest pains)
*JIMMY PENGUIN (comm skratch / alkalinear)
*!KABOOGIE Residents

Thurs 17 Feb
10pm – 02:30am
@ The Sweeney Mongrel, Dame St., Dublin 2.

In the run-up to one of Irelands best weekend events, the annual Community Skratch Games in Galway, us !Kaboogie folks decided to haul 2 of its finest participants, DEVIANT & JIMMY PENGUIN, over from West to East. Support as usual comes from !K heads A-FORCE / EOMAC / PCP / REDMONK / RICHIE !K / SIXFOOT APPRENTICE, or some combination of them!
So get down to the !K Club and check out some quality live Irish talent.

Plug-ins, VSTs, MIDI-controllers, laptops. All lovely little toys that make modern music-making a whole heap easier and cleaner, but it ain’t worth squat unless the person making the music has something important to say in the first place. Thus, it’s refreshing to see someone take the bumpier road towards composition these days, not content to let a computer do all the hard work. Enter Deviant/Naive Ted, one of this soil’s truest veterans of all things turntable and scratch related. Relying on a stack of obscure prog and jazz records, some battered turntables and a good ol’ fashioned warped imagination, Deviant has been churning out some of the most interesting leftfield hiphop of recent times. And that’s not restricted to Ireland. While current trends in the field have producers whacking off to their J-Dilla shrines and then banging out anonymous off-time beats, Deviants work has intense dedication and individual eccentricity slapped all over it.

“Shoes Not Not” video

Even just glancing over this chaps output over the last few years makes you realise that words like “prolific” and “dedicated” are almost understatements. Jimmy Penguin is one of Ireland’s hidden electronic diamonds. Hailing from Galway in the blustery west of Ireland, Jimmy makes music that varies between sultry bass heavy electronics, progressive scratch and slow burning ambient tracks richly orchestrated with organic instrumentation. Yep this guy is a jack of all trades. If you like what you hear, then prepare your hard drive for a feck-load of quality free tracks and mixes that are available online.

“Bastard Lawyer” on YouTube