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!K Club 23 March – Knxwledge, Thatboytim, Marcus Ignored Playaz

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

!K Club this Thursday sees us host LA beatmaker Knxwledge, check the minimix here for a taster of what he’s gonna be bringing. Also, we’ve got Marcus Ignored Playaz, who’s been responsible for some of the better nights in Dublin the last year or two, bringing over the likes of Ben UFO, Ramadanman, Mosca, Girl Unit, and heaps of others from the post-whatchamacallit spectrum (April 2 will see Addison Groove and Jam City landing over!). Rounding off the whopper lineup is Thatboytim, chairman of Takeover Records, selector extraordinaire and simultaneous badman/niceguy. So yeah, tomorrow night, kicking off at ten bells, basement of Sweeney Mongrels, and feckin free in.

!K Club 3 March

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


!K Club this Thursday, 3 March, will feature Takeover Records head honcho, Thatboytim, and the man behind Test Promotions, Jay Galligan. Bass activists of the highest order, they’ve been responsible for many’s a bangin set in clubs, raves and living rooms the last few years. Expect prime cuts of techno, electro and mutant bass. Or expect an actual mutant bass creature, with techno for arms, and electro for legs. Standing behind the decks, lashing it out, to an, although at first befuddled, later acceptant and a-dancing crowd.

!Kommunity Skratch!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The !K Club – Community Skratch Nite with:

*DEVIANT (comm skratch / alphabet set / stress debt & chest pains)
*JIMMY PENGUIN (comm skratch / alkalinear)
*!KABOOGIE Residents

Thurs 17 Feb
10pm – 02:30am
@ The Sweeney Mongrel, Dame St., Dublin 2.

In the run-up to one of Irelands best weekend events, the annual Community Skratch Games in Galway, us !Kaboogie folks decided to haul 2 of its finest participants, DEVIANT & JIMMY PENGUIN, over from West to East. Support as usual comes from !K heads A-FORCE / EOMAC / PCP / REDMONK / RICHIE !K / SIXFOOT APPRENTICE, or some combination of them!
So get down to the !K Club and check out some quality live Irish talent.

Plug-ins, VSTs, MIDI-controllers, laptops. All lovely little toys that make modern music-making a whole heap easier and cleaner, but it ain’t worth squat unless the person making the music has something important to say in the first place. Thus, it’s refreshing to see someone take the bumpier road towards composition these days, not content to let a computer do all the hard work. Enter Deviant/Naive Ted, one of this soil’s truest veterans of all things turntable and scratch related. Relying on a stack of obscure prog and jazz records, some battered turntables and a good ol’ fashioned warped imagination, Deviant has been churning out some of the most interesting leftfield hiphop of recent times. And that’s not restricted to Ireland. While current trends in the field have producers whacking off to their J-Dilla shrines and then banging out anonymous off-time beats, Deviants work has intense dedication and individual eccentricity slapped all over it.

“Shoes Not Not” video

Even just glancing over this chaps output over the last few years makes you realise that words like “prolific” and “dedicated” are almost understatements. Jimmy Penguin is one of Ireland’s hidden electronic diamonds. Hailing from Galway in the blustery west of Ireland, Jimmy makes music that varies between sultry bass heavy electronics, progressive scratch and slow burning ambient tracks richly orchestrated with organic instrumentation. Yep this guy is a jack of all trades. If you like what you hear, then prepare your hard drive for a feck-load of quality free tracks and mixes that are available online.

“Bastard Lawyer” on YouTube

!K Club w/DJ BPM & Bellows

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

!Kaboogie News

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Right, so I’m sure some of you out there are familiar with the collective I help run, !Kaboogie. For those that don’t, we’re a music and arts crew who have been running tings here in Dublin for the last four years. Bass-heavy gigs, free clubs, film screenings, music workshops, a record label and three radio shows is what we do. Plus, we got probably the most ultimate legion of die-hard heads who come to our parties and support our buzz. Before I get too teary-eyed from looking off into the distance, let me give a quick round-up of what to expect over the coming weeks.

April 15th: We do a free late club night every second Thursday as a little warmer-upper for the weekend. We’ve had two previous homes for this, but The Good Bits on Store St is without doubt the best so far. Fat soundsystem, friendly staff and a proper underground ambience combine to create a proper atmosphere for the !K Club (as its known). We aim to showcase up-and-coming Irish acts here, as well as the odd established artist (and even the occassional international act…watch this space!). It’s a great chance for producers/DJs who are looking for gigs to roadtest a liveset or loosen up on the decks before going for bigger club stuff, especially considering the musical awareness and encouragement that comes from the regular crowd (there’s just something in my eye, honest…). The last one on April 1st saw Welfare and Shatterfreak bring the house down with a sick liveset of skanking, dubby goodness, under their Subversus guise I do believe. I’ll do a post here soon to let ye know what guests we have coming up the next while, but in the meantime, free yrself up for the 15th, unnerstan?

April 16th: Our chums the Wobble crew will be putting on a rib-rattling, no-nonsense bass-feast featuring a top-notch, all-Irish lineup (am-I over-using the-dashes?). Noid the Droid, Manus Goan, T-Woc, Richie !K and Don Rosco will be responsible for the shapes you will be pulling pon the floor. Plus, Mount Kimbie is playing upstairs. Do it.

May 1st: Sibín Festival 2010, Man’O’War, Balbriggan. Guaranteed good times at this, I’ve had whopper fun at this the last two years. Proper tunage and a good chance of some tasty BBQ if ye get there early in the day. !Kaboogie input this year will be Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA, plus Richie !K and me back to back, as well as A-Force and Eomac back to back. More info here.

May 29th: Elijah & Skilliam in the Twisted Pepper. This is gonna be savage! I remember the first time hearing grime, it was old Mark 1 and Slaughter Mob stuff (in fact, it was this). I was listening to a lot of electro and techno at that point, so hearing riddims as abrasive as that left me with quite the shocked face, so many snares man!! I’ve always had a soft spot for the odd grime 12″ here and there since, but in the last year or so things have picked up a bit. Yeah, I know Terror Danjah‘s been doing his thing for yonks, but that man has some unbelievable stuff up his sleeve that’s gonna be dropped over the next while, just you wait! Also, Elijah & Skilliam have been raising the profile of grime a few degrees of late. Mega delighted to have them coming over, these boys are gonna mash up the place!! There’s a pretty decent write up on their buzz, as well as a delicious DJ mix from the pair over here, courtesy of FACT Magazine.

FACT Mix 135 - Elijah & Skilliam

FACT Mix 135 - Elijah & Skilliam

Stay tuned for news of support and all, but I know for a fact the All City lads will be doing an album launch for the mighty Onra upstairs (speaking of All City, check the article I did on them here).