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Paul White

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014



Paul White returns to Dublin on Friday. One of the best hip-hop producers of the last few years. Then he goes and changes up the styles on his last album and brought in a load of live instrumentation to create some blissed-out psych and dub-pop. What’s dub-pop I hear you say? I haven’t a clue, go listen to the album though yeah?

I brought him over previously and MANY people on the night said to me it was the best gig they’d seen all year (it was June so it had won over at least 6 months of gigs).

Gonna try and get to both this and the Press Charges launch on the night, stunt doubles out the ying yang mang.


Redmonk – Paul White Mix by Redmonk on Mixcloud

Here’s a mix I did for the aforementioned Paul White gig from 2.5 years ago. All his productions from various albums. More on the hip-hop/beats tip than the new stuff. QUITE GOOD. Various people ‘in the know’ at the time probably said:

“This is the best 22-minute mix of some of Paul White’s music, in that exact order, available to stream online, that I have ever heard in my life”



Igor The Great – Adventures in Drums

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Adventures in Drums by Igorthegreat on Mixcloud

Right, so this octopus who plays the drums is part of the whole DabbledooMusic thing. He’s sound. He did a mix for the rhythm fiends out there: strictly vinyl, strictly 45s. Heavy drums, funk, breakbeats, afro, that sorta thing.

Get it into ye!


Prima Volta

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014



Whopper lineup, well worth the trip down to Limerick. Tickets available here and nice little mix from Mynameisjohn to convince you of the calibre of artists playing at this. See yis up the front!

Primus Luta Mix and Words

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Check the mix above, nice journey in breaks. The man behind it, Primus Luta, has also wrote part one of a three-part piece over here on Sounding Out, which explores the language of performance, paying particular attention to electronic music and jazz. Now, we’ve all had that debate at some stage or other on the performer who pushes a space bar occassionally versus the musicians making music and occassional mistakes. We might never reach consensus on the merits of each, as Primus Luta quite rightly points out there are too many variables, and perhaps we need to move towards a re-work of the language we use in the first place to describe performance.

Image from

I’m really looking forward to reading the next two parts, hopefully we’ll see more overlaps with Christopher Small’s ‘musicking’ theory as well. In the meantime, make a cup of something nice, check the mix and have a read of his related 2009 article for Create Digital Music. Keep an eye on more Primus Luta work over here. Oh, and he also does a regular show for the mighty Rhythm Incursions here. Busy man!

Legowelt – Memphis Rap Mix 2

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Memphis Rap mix PART TWO from the man like Legowelt (pictured) below. First one was a banger, this one is a banger. Making things bang is a good theme to have running through things. Especially mixes and demolitions. Get it into ye.

Mix for yr ear parts

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Tasty little 10-track mix here from Andy McHugh, one of the men behind Rudimentary Records and the Hungry Ear. Well worth a listen, so it is.


Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Big, big thanks to everyone who was involved in the Sixth !Kaboogie Birthday last Friday: Eoin and all the Bodytonic crew for having us, Ms Dynamite, Champion, Lakker for their UNREAL set downstairs, Sixfoot Apprentice for getting the whole place bouncing, Replete for holding it down (one to keep an eye on), A-Force and PCP for the savage selections upstairs (bonus big up to PCP for the visuals dem), whoever gave us that birthday !kake, the DCTV heads pon the videos and photos (if anyone has any footage or photos to share please send it on!) and most importantly each and every one of you head-the-balls who were grinding, shaking, raving, twisting, daggering, lord-have-mercying and making the whole thing one of the best !Kaboogie parties we’ve ever had.

Without you there’d be no point doing this. As a further reward we have an action-packed 2012 ahead for ye, heaps of releases and parties worked out, and a few exciting top-secret projects that you will be finding out  about veddy, veddy soon, my friend.

Here’s to the next six years!

Audio bonus yeah yeahs:

Richie !K did a ninja refix of ‘Danger’ by Ms Dynamite, which you can grab here.

Replete did us this mix (25th in the !K-mix series bitches!!!) as well, which you will put in your ears and enjoy yesh?

Lakker are deadly

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Savage interview and mix from the Lakker lads here. The Dublin pairing of Dara Smith  and Ian McDonnell (who also goes under the name Eomac) have been ninjas of the electronic music variety since way back when, and have gathered up quite a bit of momentum and international attention (some chap called Aphex Twin played THREE of their tracks at the Forbidden Fruit Festival this year).

Mix – Lakker by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

Another one from them below, recorded live at the Jigs and Rigs Festival 2011 on Rathlin Island. I am weepy face for missing this.

Check their blog too, they have free tunes for download every now and again. Stay tuned for upcoming release from the lads on Berlin’s Killekill label too…

The External World

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Hilarious, but disturbing, but mostly the sort of thing you’d like to turn into if you were a bunch of sentient vectors with some older pixel cousins who were, like, toadally wild. Cheers to Adrian for sending it on.

>>>BONUS LINK: if the words ‘sunday morning squat party crew’ sound appealing, then listen to this fine Jerome Hill mix, big up to Jasper for that.

New Choons

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Good start to the year so far in terms of homegrown sounds. First off, the good people over at Bass Music Blog did a couple of interviews with !Kaboogie heads A-Force and Eomac. Tis a nice little introduction to the Irish bass scene, and there’s a class mix from Eomac there as well for those who prefer their introductions to take place in their ears. It’s great that people from outside of Ireland are interested with what’s going on here. Any guests that have come to play for us have always bigged us up, so a nice reputation has been built, plus with all the high quality music coming out of the country at the moment, this interest is only going to grow. Bigs up to the Bass Music lads for this one, and if yr not checking out their blog regularly, get on it, heaps of free downloads, mixes, articles and general goodness.

New release from the man like Cignol too. He had a pretty good year in 2010 with some tasty releases (such as this) for Alphabet Set, and now he’s good some more chunky electronics out there in the form of the Void EP which you can download here, for free.

Shouts to Chris from SSTN for pointing out this lovely EP from Dubh Thrian. Based in Leitrim, Dubh Thrian’s sound is on a haunted garage tip, perfect for Sunday afternoons in January as yr watching the light decay outside, or afraid to pull the curtains, whatever the case may be.