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Primus Luta Mix and Words

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Check the mix above, nice journey in breaks. The man behind it, Primus Luta, has also wrote part one of a three-part piece over here on Sounding Out, which explores the language of performance, paying particular attention to electronic music and jazz. Now, we’ve all had that debate at some stage or other on the performer who pushes a space bar occassionally versus the musicians making music and occassional mistakes. We might never reach consensus on the merits of each, as Primus Luta quite rightly points out there are too many variables, and perhaps we need to move towards a re-work of the language we use in the first place to describe performance.

Image from

I’m really looking forward to reading the next two parts, hopefully we’ll see more overlaps with Christopher Small’s ‘musicking’ theory as well. In the meantime, make a cup of something nice, check the mix and have a read of his related 2009 article for Create Digital Music. Keep an eye on more Primus Luta work over here. Oh, and he also does a regular show for the mighty Rhythm Incursions here. Busy man!

Sounds Like Art – This Thursday in The Joinery

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013


Pats on the back all round for everyone who contributed to the Joinery FundIt campaighn which saw them exceed the amount needed. Keeping things moving as ever, they are hosting the following performance/conversation on Thursday next 4 April:

Sounds like Art: a conversation with improvised sound interludes.

A performance / conversation with Ed Devane / Francis Halsall / Anthony Kelly and David Stalling.

Organised by Miranda Driscoll as part of a ‘conversations’ series for First Thursdays Dublin at the Joinery. Thurs 4th April 7pm sharp.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I know it’s late, but I was working on a project out in Tallaght recently entitled ‘Unwrapped’. Involved telling the story of the Holly King and Oak King battling it out, with the Oak King being victorious and waking up the Spring Maiden while he’s at it (and singing this song).

Here’s a sample of one of the pieces:

There were singers, poets, performers, composers, costume makers and more involved; my role was to create some artwork that encapsulated the story and could be projected onto the Rua Red building over five nights. The first four nights told a piece of the story (like the piece above), with the whole thing coming together on the fifth and final night, which looked like this:

There was a huge performance piece involving a procession through the square, three choirs, several tableaux vivantes and the lighting of the Christmas tree by the Mayor of  South Dublin. The event was a great success: really well attended and loads of original new artwork created, be it the costumes, the poem written by Sue Hassett, the choral compositions from Gerry Horan or indeed my illustration stuff. Check the video:

Big shouts to Tony Fegan, Tori Durrer, Gerry Horan and the Alt Ents crew for making this happen!