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Fettercairn Community Centre

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Popped out to Fettercairn recently to work with a youth group on a rather tricky graffiti piece. The theme was ‘anti graffiti and anti litter’. I decided to ignore the anti graffiti element and focused on anti litter. Went with something different as it was a corrugated surface and tricky to work on so came up with something a bit more in a graphic design style.



This might be on e of the first things ever I’ve done that didn’t have black lines, but it worked out sweet, the group really got into it and they did a pretty tight job!



Oh and well done to Pizza Dog (that’s his name) who kept trying to grab my pizza until he was finally rewarded with a gust of wind which practically handed it to him. Fair’s fair innit.