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Dabbledoo Music

Friday, December 14th, 2012

DabbledooMusic is a project Shane McKenna (musician, educator, creative badman) and myself started just over a year ago aimed at giving people the ability to compose and perform music without having to worry about reading standard notation. Using graphic and animated notation, one can perform these scores on any instrument they like (no instruments? then use your voice and some body percussion!). Here’s what it looks like:

We just got our first educational book printed. Aimed at 6-12 year olds, we’ll be launching this at 2pm tomorrow Saturday December 15th in the Centre for Creative Practices, Pembroke St, Dublin. We’ll be running a full workshop showing how the book works as well as providing instruments and graphic scores from the book for people to join in and make some noise! Here’s a taster of what the book will look like:


!!! Rabble 5 !!!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

So the FIFTH installment of rabble arrived two weeks ago. Our super mega distro team have been lashing it out around not just Dublin, but all around Ireland as well as to our distro hubs around Europe. We’ve gone from 3,000 copies of a 16-pager, to 10,000 copies of a 32-page magazine in just over a year. That’s all down to the fact that we just can’t keep this on the shelves, so a big thanks to everyone out there who picks up a copy!

You can have a browse of this issue’s content over here, feel free to comment, fill out our reader survey (you could win a PRYZZ!) and support us. We detailed our costs in this issue as well as a breakdown of where our funding comes from. Imagine a magazine, comin out regularly, with the content YOU want to see, talking about issues that effect you and yours, that our usual state media apparatus won’t touch? One that’s owned by the people? One that can do some ballsy investigative journalism? One that has the few funny bits as well like? That could be rabble with YOUR help!!! If all our readers donated a tenner a year we would be well on our way, jus sayin!

We’ve also got the blog running with heaps of new content popping up there every few hours. The big thing for me in this issue is the quality of the illustrations throughout, particularly the contribution from comic book artist Philip Barrett for the Licensing Laws article which was so good we used it for the cover. Here’s a few of my own contributions:

The centrefold in this isse features the ‘There’s No Justice, There’s Just Us’ stencil piece that was re-done by artist ADW after the Gardai forced him to paint over the original (read the interview here). Here’s a timelapse he did of the piece:

Rabble 4 out pon the streets!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Holy independent publishing fiends Batman! OK so us rabblers just got another issue done, that’s four so far… one every three months means SHEAAATTTTT the last year went by quick! This time round we’re on about the Youth Defence, the shtate of the FAI, festival madness and of course the winner of our Boomtown ticket competition is announced.

Every issue has been more solid than the previous one, but we still need MORE WRITERS! C’mon, there’s loads of yis out there who have a great way with words coupled with investigative minds so get in touch with us!

I’ve got a good few illustrations in it this time round, the one below highlighting the amazing services on offer in your local. Sure, with pubs this good, why would you need any sort of BYOB (or even booze free?) CULTURE?

In terms of distro, you can pick it up in the usual haunts (lots of new places being added to the list, big up to everyone who’s been getting in contact and looking after distro in their neck of the woods!). Most of them are out already and as per usual they’re flying out. If you’re far from a pick-up point and would like a few copies please get in touch and we’ll do our best to look after ye. And don’t forget to check out our merch page as well, we’ll be re-upping the tshirts sooooon, for the time being we got some ladies sizes as well as a nice selection of prints from our illustration crew dem.

What a year, roll on Issue FIVE!!!

rabble 3

Friday, March 30th, 2012

It’s arrived. Enclosure is the theme. Topics include inner city housing, the privitisation of homeless services, government strategies to deny us a free internet (yeah, thats right, the same pack of clowns who talk about ‘digital economy’ when they blatantly don’t have a clue, bless ’em) and attempt to impose a household tax for services that they can’t even define. Servicing the debt anyone? Here’s one of my contributions on that very subject:

This is what 5,000 copies look like (and no, that picture isn’t out of focus, it was the heat haze, fresh of the presses knowhumsayinnnn?):

Our distro crew have been hard at it since, you can pick up a copy in all the usual spots, plus a few new ones as we strive to widen our reach. Cork, Galway and Belfast crews hold tight: give us the weekend and we’ll have em to ye. Need a copy? Hit us up and we’ll look after ye. Wanna get involved? Drop us a line here, we’d love to hear from ye, plus our cups of tea represent.

Rabble 2 in yr face

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Right, so this was meant to be an amazing piece about the powers of protest but despite spending two hours on it, it somehow magicked itself away at the publishing stage and now I’m pretty annoyed to say the least!

So here’s the edited, streamlined, fat-free version then. Our version of protest.

We put out issue two of rabble before Christmas, getting great feedback from everyone, and our DIY-distro system is getting out into more and more homes, clubs, pubs, cafes, shops, whatevers around the country.

You can still pick up a copy in one of these locations, failing that, check our site where we’re adding the content from this issue bit by bit. I had a nice input to this one, contributed several illustrations and wrote an article on anti-social behaviour entitled ‘Too Old for the Playground, Too Young for the Pub”. Discusses the options young people have in this country, some of whom I interviewed. Here’s an extract:

We had some further discussion about whether or not it’s fair for young people to be labelled this way, and in turn influence how young people think of themselves. The gas thing about this is that despite conjuring up images of hooded young fellas causing strife in the estate, none of the people interviewed really think this is the case. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that they were reluctantly putting up with having the phrase hurled at them repeatedly, as well as putting up with harassment on a regular basis from the Gardaí. Seventeen-year-old Dean pointed out that the phrase ‘is stereotypically used in Ireland, cos if people see a group of youths they think the worst of us.’

You can read the rest here. If you feel like getting involved, hit us up. If you wanna donate, check how here.


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I know I’m about 2 weeks late with this but had too much paint on me hands gettin ready for this so couldn’t do the typey-typey-ting. You might have noticed a new publication on the streets of Dublin. It’s called Rabble and it’s a non-profit paper put together by a big crew of volunteers, ranging from artists to writers to music types to football heads to joke-makers to beetroot fanatics to spiritual gurus.

It’s about the realities of living in post-boom Dublin. Here‘s a pretty good summation of our collective buzz.

I’ve provided an illustration for the cover story, ‘Planet of the Interns‘, and also written a piece on ‘anti-social’ behaviour. I’ll be coming back to that theme in the future, but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my piece:

“Graffiti art is often lumped in with many aspects of youth culture as ‘anti-social’. As mindless vandalism bereft of any artistic qualities, perpetrated by cowardly hoodlums under the cover of darkness, a faceless counter to decency and the notion of property. It is dealt with by gray paint, powerwashers and policy that I would describe as more ‘anti-social’ than the menace that’s supposedly being battled…”

Read the rest of it here, or better still, go hunt down a copy of Rabble at one of our many pickup points. Not many of Issue 1 left but get in contact if you need a copy! If ye want to write for us, suggest a pickup point, provide illustrations, donate to us, please do! This is a 100% grassroots, non-profit operation, and can only be as strong as the network of people supporting it. Get stuck in!