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An Dord Is Mó: !Kaboogie Ar An Raidió: June 2 2010

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Yeah. Time for another radio show tracklist. This one went out last Wednesday, apologies for the tardiness of this post, but it was far too sunny to be hunched over the computer this week when I had the option of sitting by the sea, rancho relaxo style.

ANYWAY! Charting through a lot of territories on this one, kicking off with some summer flavours (or at least I think so) before rinsing a few soon-to-be-released goodies from the likes of 2bit, Matt Shadetek and T-Woc. I’ve had ‘Crank Dat’ by Soulja Boy in my head the last few days so decided to give that an air too, followed by a quick pause of breath with Deasy (that track can be downloaded for free from Dublin’s Front End Synthetics here), Cecile and Ms Dynamite. Pausing only to make a few sandwiches with Point B and Mad EP, we embark on a broken beat picnic, surrounded by hosts of forthcoming Stasis material and assorted techno goodness. For the sake of our digestion, we pop round to All City and !Kaboogie for some head-nodding mint tea, pinch of wonk is advised.

Nas & Damian Marley As We Enter – Tinie Tempah Remix
Jigsy King – Keep The Vibes Pumpin’
Arms & Suites – 925
Estelle feat Ms Streamz – I Can Be A Freak – B-more Gutter Remix
Gallons – The Crying Man
Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo – Westside!
2bit – Imperatrix Theme (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
Matt Shadetek – Strength in Numbers (Forthcoming
T-Woc – Delayed Responses 3A1 (Forthcoming Alphabet Set)
D.E.Velopment & Dizzle Kid – Murderer
Soulja Boy – Crank Dat
Ms Dynamite & Cecile – The Application
Jordan Rockswell – Winter Warfare (All City)
Deasy – Free (Front End Synthetics)
Mad EP – Grapepopgirl
Point B – Cantra
Lakker – Oeace (Forthcoming Stasis)
Delusions – Eight
Rory St John – Wasted (Forthcoming Stasis)
Po – Janette
Fran Hartnett – Sword & Shield (Forthcoming Stasis)
Rory St John – Farewell to Flesh
Euphiophone – Inflaytid (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
Los Rakas – Abrazeme – Uproot Andy REmix
Ras G – Flight Delay (All City)
DJ Vadim – Settle Down (We Rap So Fresh)
Phoenecia – Odd Job – Prefuse 73 Ramen Noodle Remix
Manus Goan – Woke Up (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
A-Force – Digi87 (Forthcoming !Kaboogie)
Samiyam – Fishsticks (All City)
T-Woc – Up and Up

An Dord Is Mó: !Kaboogie Ar An Raidió

le Redmonk agus Richie !K

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