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Various Vegetables – Vitamin V

Friday, March 14th, 2014

One of the better compilations I’ve heard in a while, great range of stuff here, dub to electro to splatterbreaks and back.

K>O.I~3.2^6 – Tomorrow

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Dope selection of instrumental wonky beats here, ‘Let Me Fly’ reminding me of bouncing through the dessert in a dune buggy, sluggin on some fizzy pop as I weave through a herd of camels on stilts. Not that that ever happened, but still.

Paul White – Minus

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Looking forward to the vinyl of ‘Watch the Ants’ landing through the letterbox (it’s a custom jobby to accomodate 12″s) along with a tape of Paul’s beats (1/50, super exclusive, hand drawn artwork!). In the meantime, I’m holding out by checking out tunes like the above. GET INTO IT.

T-Woc – Hoshorom EP on Invisible Agent

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

On heavy rotation in Redmonk Towers these days, well worth a listen and a purchase.

Strobes – Strobes EP

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

If you want to eat a wonky beat sandwich then this is NOM.

<iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ style=”position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;” src=”” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″><a href=””>Strobes EP by Strobes</a></iframe>

Illustration for Flying Buttresses

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Remember this? So I was talking about the limited edition CD that the Flying Buttresses chaps were putting out. I did a little illustration for them and this is it:

Had a great laugh doing it, all the characters are based on Sebi’s lyrics, and then there’s snippets of his lyrics in textual (aw!) form in ze background. A few mad colours and then BOOM! Got great feedback on this one, so much so I might even do a few screenprints, watch this space…

Everyone should be listening to this…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Amazing new work from Lukid on Ninja Tune/Werk… Listen and grab it here, or in yr local record shop if its any way daycent.


Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Harmonic 313 – Lion feat. Riko Dan pon the mic, get it here.

Point B – Don’t Switch Off

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Tasty little 3-tracker here from Point B, an artist I’ve been following since I first heard his remix of Transparent Sounds ‘Freaks Frequency’ back in 2004:

His ‘Don’t Switch Off’ EP, which you can get from here is a tasty blend of garage and electro to get yr parts jigglin’. I recommend.

Here’s a banger from last year as well, one of my all-time favourites from the man:

Keep an eye on his stuff on his Soundcloud page, and sure while yr at it, check out his Planes moniker as well, on more of a hip-hop tip.

Flying Buttresses – Orson Welles EP

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Yus! SERIOUS dose of hip hop droppin today bout to punch you in the face then offer you a drink before suddenly punchin you in the face again just as you’re about to get comfortable and swallow a dram. But that’s what you’re into right? Course it is. Deviant & Naive Ted pon beats, Sebi C pon mic, recipe for delish is what it is. Get it into you by clicking on this link and then probably clicking a few more times. 24 tracks of audio yummers featuring remixes from Sixfoot Apprentice and Mynameisjohn, then there’s a LIMITED EDITION CD with some bonus goodies (that I will mention laters) if ye wants as well.


Two SAVAGE mixes for snappin ye neck too from the man like Deviant: