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Algorithms and Silkscreens

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Picture 7

Recently took part in a print workshop as part of the Glitch Festival in Rua Red, which was curated by Nóra O Murchú. It took place over two Saturdays. The first one was based in Rua Red itself, with Julien Gachadoat taking us through the programming language Processing from the very beginning. Eight hours later we had a pretty good understanding, and got comfortable enough to start creating our own designs using nothing but code (see example above).

I barely scrapped passes in computer programming when I was in college so it was pretty refreshing to have such a good teacher who explained it from the most simple concepts up. The other participants were a great bunch too and we got to trade heaps of ideas, plus I heard about this and this.

The next week we went to Black Church Print Studios in Templebar and exposed out designs through screens. We then used the exposed screen to print direct onto a number of materials, including bags, tshirts and fabiano paper (see below).


Hats off to our instructors, Louise and Hugh, who brought lots of encouragement and enthusiasm to the day. Well done to Nora for putting together such a deadly workshop (within a deadly festival) and fair play to Rua Red for hosting it all! This has got to be one of the most comprehensive and value-for-money workshops I’ve done, plus it’s pretty sweet to end up with loads of stuff I designed at the end. Yus!

Oh yeah and there’s gonna be a Irish producer showcasre/closing party for the festival REAL SOON:

Picture 8.