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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Team Dublin are out of the Secret Wars Euro League.

Drew against London 2-1 the other night, whihc meant 3-3 on aggregate after the home and away legs. The tiebreaker was decided to be a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’, which London won. So we’re out. Here’s the Dublin piece:

Of course I’m pissed off we’re out of the competition, but it’s compounded by the fact that the reason we’re out is done to nothing of skill or talent or anything the league was set up to celebrate in the first place. Sure, it’s fun, but why not just flip a coin? Maybe it’s not as serious as other leagues, but if this was a sport there’s no way anything would be decided like that.

The reason I didn’t blog about this sooner was that I felt I needed a few days to cool down a bit afterwards and didn’t want to be spouting off a load of angry shite. But I’ve waited a good while and I’m still gutted. After all the work we put into this the last few months, as well as all the friendly games and the tour of Ireland we did seperate to the league itself, I’m pretty pissed off that we get kicked out this way.

I’m sure you’re thinking if Dublin had won the tiebreaker there’d be no such blog post from me. And you’re right, instead it would be one of the London team voicing his distaste at what happened. If I was on a team that ‘won’ this way, I’d feel guilty, I’d gotten through on a chance, not because of skill.

Anyway, I’ve had a great time the last few months on the Dublin team. Met some great artists, got a few nice trips out of it, had heaps of fun and got to make some fucking good art. Best of luck to the London team – they’re a great bunch of artists and did a great piece on the night, check it below.

Eh, roll on 2011…

Dublin qualify for Quarter Finals of SW Euro League!!!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Ye read it right, Team Dublin qualified! We’re in the last eight Secret Wars teams in Europe!

I know I’m a bit late with this post, but July has been Here’s the piece we did in our final first round game, home to Paris at Kings Of Concrete Festival, check the Napoleon Dynamite theme, as well as cameo appearance by Johnny Onion…

Sadly, I couldn’t get a photo of the French piece as it was covered up with fresh boards for some heads to lash a graf piece onto, but it won’t be the last time I’ll mention the Parisians on this blog, mysterious ohhhhhhh….

We’ve since been drawn against London in the quarter finals, there’s a home and away legs, and we’ll be stepping it up considerably in this next round. There’s no love lost between Dublin and London, the last time they came together though, Dublin won 2-1…(num num num!!! ok, i’ll stop with the suspense now).

The other draws for Secret Wars Euro League 2010 quarter finals are:

  • Malmo V Lisbon
  • Birmingham V Glasgow
  • Southampton V Amsterdam

More info an ting here.

Coach Andy has been doing a great job getting us through all this Euro League stuff. Not only did we manage to get through all our games quicksmart (which is all about the organization, maaaan), we’ve done a heap of friendly battles around the country which has been great practice for all of us individually as well as for putting together solid, balanced pieces (which is what it’s all about, NOT three artists drawing ‘their character, with fuck all gelling the piece together).

We’ve all come on a long way since our first battle against Copenhagen back in March (sadly, Copenhagen have since had to pull out of the league). Seven serious battles, trips to England, Spain and France, and three friendlies against Cork, Galway and Limerick. Next up it was Belfast’s turn…

In many ways, I’m envious of the Belfast arts scene, not only do they have some class artists (KVLR, Frizelle, Dog Boy, Bad Seed, Miguel Martinez, the list goes on), but the venues, facilitation and funding up there are unreal. Guys like Adam Turkington from Trans have put in sterling (ho ho) work the last few years and put together a world class framework up there. Of note particularly is the Trans Festival that runs the length of July. Workshops, exhibitions, gigs, combined live art and music festivals like Summer Base, man, these cats have it down! So we decided to challenge the cream of their people-who-draw-stuff to a friendly battle on July 9.

The venue was the Cathedral Arts, a real intimate venue, well laid out for the battle, plus there was some deadly music (the sound in there was delicious!).

Team Dublin was Friz, Danleo, and yours truly. We faced off with a strong Belfast team featuring Dog Boy, Bad Seed and Miguel Martinez.

I was really impressed with the Belfast piece, considering it was there first Secret Wars they did great, fair play for getting stuck in!

We did a foresty-creatures-with-bad-ass-chica piece that goes a little something like this:

BUT! As has been the case with all our away games, friendly or not, on the island, we lost 2-1. I’m hoping that the result will maybe prompt the uber-organised Belfast heads to get a team together for next years Euro League. There’s a MASSIVE amount of talent in the country, so we could definately be entering a few teams, nothing like a bit of healthy local competition too innit, unless of course it catches malaria and none of us can draw anymore cos we’re bleeding from underneath our fingernails (a common ailment amongst the illustrator caste).

By the time everything was wrapped up in the venue, it was time to move on for some falafel (or kebabs and pizza as some feckers had). I think the sign below says it all about the sort of establishment we customerized…

Secret Wars & !Kaboogie – Galway & Limerick this weekend

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Just a reminder that there’ll be Secret Wars battles in Galway and LImerick, this Friday and Saturday. !Kaboogie DJs Richie !K and myself, Redmonk, will be laying down some bounce for yr moving and non-moving parts.

Sunshine, Sunshine Painting

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Secret Wars: Dublin Vs Barcelona, 24th April

Secret Wars: Dublin Vs Barcelona, 24th April

Painting in the sun is the activity version of ice cream cones. That’s an ad for the next battle out back of the Bernard Shaw Saturday 24th, goin to Autechre the night before, so weekend of fun ahead! Will be playing some records on the night alongside my fellow !Kaboogie-ers, so get on down.

Secret Wars: Barcelona (Home) & Southampton (Away)

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Dublin Vs Barcelona

Dublin Vs Barcelona

Well well. Couple of battles comin up at the end of the month. First off on the 24th of this lovely month that is April (talking about sunshine) will be the return leg against Barcelona. This time it’s on our turf so hopefully there won’t be any sneaky tricks (AHEM!!!).

Southampton Vs Dublin

Southampton Vs Dublin

Also, on the 29th, we’re away to Southampton, who thrashed Barca 3-0 recently too with a a SICK piece, although in fairness to Barca they had some tasty lettering going on in theirs. Alas, not enough. Anyway, you can check it here and maybe in the near future I’ll get this whole embedded video malarkey down so you won’t have to drift too far.

While I’m here I might as well mention our 3-0 victory over Paris (in Paris) a few weeks ago too. I could make an elaborate pun here about hands and Frenchmen but I think the mere suggestion of it is enough, dontcha agree? Here’s the video of the night.

Secret Wars Euro League: Barcelona V Dublin March 25th

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Secret Wars Euro League: Barceloan Vs Dublin

The Secret Wars Euro League got off to a right start for team Dublin, with a  3-0 victory over Copenhagen on March 5th (photos coming soon…). Next up, we’re off for our first away game to Barcelona on March 25th. Danleo, Mick Minogue and myself will be taking on the Barca team in Sala Apolo, with music from Benji Boko, DJ Face Tic and The Boogie Junkies. Really don’t know what to expect from the Catalans, used to live there so always a great standard of stuff on the streets anyway, should be a fun battle, let the hack and slash ensue…

My New Blog

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I’ve finally decided to get a blog going. I’ll be using this as an online gallery of my work, as well as providing news on exhibitions with Spoom and A4 Sounds, plus updates of the Secret Wars Euro League.

Alongside all the visual art, there’ll be loads of music in the form of my mixes and radio shows, stuff from my !Kaboogie fellow conspirators, plus a heads up on half-daycent Dublin gigs as they approach.

Of course, there’ll be some ramblings on anything and everything, plus some ‘check-out-this-cool-thing-i-found-on-the-internet’ buzz.

Hope yis likes it.