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No Place Like Dome

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Tis only six weeks after so probably overdue for a little write-up. Well, not so much a write-up as a paste-up. Here’s a bunch of photos, and there’s a great little video here.

Friz and I were asked to paint a piece each, above is mine and below is hers. Class, non?

Seems like Africa Hitech had a non-advertised presence at the festival…

Was there for less than 24 hours but managed to get a good bit in, This Side Up and The Hot Sprockets were specially good, and the general buzz at the place was savage, no money allowed to change hands y’see, and there was a big effigy burnin fireshow yoke round midnight. Deadly craic. And a tent that has free tea and coffee the whole time. Roll on next year!