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Brookfield Community Garden

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Back in July 2011, I facilitated the painting of a wall out in Brookfield with children from the local primary school. It was the first phase of a clean-up operation for a laneway between the school and the estates which had been used for illegal dumping as well as being the site for a tragic death. In the two years since this piece was completed, the laneway has been transformed, with raised beds, irrigation systems and colourful signage all in place. A number of local community projects look after the scheme, and I’ve got to say fair play to them for all the work they’ve put in. A few weeks ago I dropped back to work with another youth group (many of whom I worked with years ago and are still spraypainting!) and we did a 60ft mural near the entrance of the laneway. The sun stayed out and we got some nice results!