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BBQ Skull

Friday, June 14th, 2013



Did this piece yesterday at the Temple Bar Night Market. Big up Dublin City Parking Services who clamped me as I worked. Loads of cool pieces done from the likes of DMC, Wilko and Kathria Rupit. Shouts to Alexa from White Lady Art for organising it. Here’s the photos:








Graff House Funtimes

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Ayo it’s ye boy Monkfish aka Kill Dog aka Monchichi Cews Cews aka The Redmonk back with the NEXT LEVEL EVENT REPORTAGE. Took part in this thing called Graff House on Saturday in The Chocolate Factory. Amazing space/day/crowd/artists/music/vibezzz. Big up Alexa from White Lady Art, also Kathrina and Pavel, all the crew who were out: Wilko, KVLR, Friz, Mick Minogue, Classquatch, Marcamix, shouts to Pepe for the vinyl selections, and big up to everyone for the kind words about the piece what I did. Heaps of fun getting the brushes and rollers out and making a mess.
Now the photos:





Kathrina Rupit




Mick Minogue



Graff House

Thursday, July 12th, 2012


Holy lineup batman! There’s gonna be heaps of live art a gwan in The Chocolate Factory on Saturday from 6-10pm. It’s BYOB and there’s tunes. And an after party. Some of the artists who will be TOTALLY KILLING IT on the day are: KVLR, Friz, Wilko, Marcamix, Mick Minogue, Steve McCarthy, Solus, KIN, VERZ, FINK and yrs trly. Tis a feckin A-Z of savage street artists working in Ireland these days. Indoors so no spraypaint, but really looking forward to getting some brushwork on! See yis there…

A4 Towers

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Did a piece with Wilko the other day for the beyond awesome crew that is A4 SOUNDS.

Fettercairn Community Garden

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Did a workshop out in Fettercairn about a year ago with some young lads. Ended up making a sign for the community garden out there. Got asked to come back to paint the toolshed out there, shipping container stylee. Wilko and myself hit it up over a few weekends, shit weather and corrugated surfaces being something of a challenge. Worked out sweet in the end, happy with the clour scheme and learned a ton in terms of just keeping things BIG, BAD and HEAVY. Here’s what we did: