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DabbledooMusic Showcase Night!

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

We’re having a whopper year in Dabbledoo HQ, no small thanks to the wonderful people at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and the Elevator programme that they run, and that we’ve been part of since October last year. Sounds like an excuse for a session, doesn’t it? HELLS YUSSSSS.

Here’s the plan:

7-8: DabbledooMusic Workshop – this is our first ever workshop for adults so get down early if you want to take part, we’ll be supplying the instruments and taking you through our music education method!

8-9: DJ set from yours truly giving you the breaks and beats you needs for your hips and feets. Picked up some SERIOUS records of late so need to break em in, yeah?

9-11: Hotstepping 90s party goodtimes with ATTENTION BÉBÉ – dress to sweat!

PLUS: If you haven’t danced enough we’ll be throwing an afterparty NOT TOO FAR AWAY with FRANKIE GRIMES aka SHABBA FRANKS. We’ll be posting details bout that soooon. 

Tickets (including limited number of early bird specials) available here. Facebuke event page here

Algorithms and Silkscreens

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Picture 7

Recently took part in a print workshop as part of the Glitch Festival in Rua Red, which was curated by Nóra O Murchú. It took place over two Saturdays. The first one was based in Rua Red itself, with Julien Gachadoat taking us through the programming language Processing from the very beginning. Eight hours later we had a pretty good understanding, and got comfortable enough to start creating our own designs using nothing but code (see example above).

I barely scrapped passes in computer programming when I was in college so it was pretty refreshing to have such a good teacher who explained it from the most simple concepts up. The other participants were a great bunch too and we got to trade heaps of ideas, plus I heard about this and this.

The next week we went to Black Church Print Studios in Templebar and exposed out designs through screens. We then used the exposed screen to print direct onto a number of materials, including bags, tshirts and fabiano paper (see below).


Hats off to our instructors, Louise and Hugh, who brought lots of encouragement and enthusiasm to the day. Well done to Nora for putting together such a deadly workshop (within a deadly festival) and fair play to Rua Red for hosting it all! This has got to be one of the most comprehensive and value-for-money workshops I’ve done, plus it’s pretty sweet to end up with loads of stuff I designed at the end. Yus!

Oh yeah and there’s gonna be a Irish producer showcasre/closing party for the festival REAL SOON:

Picture 8.


DabbledooMusic in Waterford

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Yo, today we’ll be doing a DabbledooMusic workshop in the Central Library as part if Waterford’s New Music Week. At the moment it’s fully booked up but if you’d like to pop down for a chat or to buy the book, yr more than welcome.

Also, we have the book on sale in Designist and Opus 2 on George’s St. in Dublin. We’re delighted to also be doing a workshop in the Centre for Creative Practices on Saturday February 23. You can book a spot here.

cfcpposter w2


DabbledooMusic Is Rollin!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Big thanks to everyone who dropped down to the launch and took part in the workshop. Great to get so much positive feedback on the project! Anyone looking for books can contact me directly for now. We’ll have them online and in independent music shops in the new year.

Dabbledoo Music

Friday, December 14th, 2012

DabbledooMusic is a project Shane McKenna (musician, educator, creative badman) and myself started just over a year ago aimed at giving people the ability to compose and perform music without having to worry about reading standard notation. Using graphic and animated notation, one can perform these scores on any instrument they like (no instruments? then use your voice and some body percussion!). Here’s what it looks like:

We just got our first educational book printed. Aimed at 6-12 year olds, we’ll be launching this at 2pm tomorrow Saturday December 15th in the Centre for Creative Practices, Pembroke St, Dublin. We’ll be running a full workshop showing how the book works as well as providing instruments and graphic scores from the book for people to join in and make some noise! Here’s a taster of what the book will look like:


Graf Workshop in Castleknock College

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Buzzed up to Castleknock College to do a graffiti workshop couple of weeks ago. The lads had a rough idea of what they wanted, so I provided them with some sketches on boards, and they filled them in. First time for a lot of them, so fair play for the quality of work. A lot of them showing some good can control, which is a nice thing to balance with teenage enthusiasm! Chek it:

Phizzfest & GHT002 Launch

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

!Kaboogie present Ableton Live electronic music production workshop and DJing with Serato workshop. Suitable for all ages.
Friday, 10th September 2010, 4.30 to 7.30 pm. Panama Scouts Hall, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.
Tickets are free but booking recommended.

A-Force and Eomac shall be presenting an Ableton Live workshop, looking at writing beats, using samples and working with live instrumentation. PCP and myself shall be giving a class on Serato Live, focusing on analogue to digital conversion, file formats and beat matching.
Participation from those attending will be strongly encouraged so there’ll be no hanging round at the back with a sour face on ye, come up and give it a go!

For more info and booking tickets:

Then after we’ll be heading to the thing that the flyer above talks about. Which will be deadly. GHT002 is feckin bad man tunes, featuring tunes from A-Force and Eomac, you ‘d be well advised to grab a copy sharp like.