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Brookfield Community Garden

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Back in July 2011, I facilitated the painting of a wall out in Brookfield with children from the local primary school. It was the first phase of a clean-up operation for a laneway between the school and the estates which had been used for illegal dumping as well as being the site for a tragic death. In the two years since this piece was completed, the laneway has been transformed, with raised beds, irrigation systems and colourful signage all in place. A number of local community projects look after the scheme, and I’ve got to say fair play to them for all the work they’ve put in. A few weeks ago I dropped back to work with another youth group (many of whom I worked with years ago and are still spraypainting!) and we did a 60ft mural near the entrance of the laneway. The sun stayed out and we got some nice results!


Fettercairn Community Centre

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Popped out to Fettercairn recently to work with a youth group on a rather tricky graffiti piece. The theme was ‘anti graffiti and anti litter’. I decided to ignore the anti graffiti element and focused on anti litter. Went with something different as it was a corrugated surface and tricky to work on so came up with something a bit more in a graphic design style.



This might be on e of the first things ever I’ve done that didn’t have black lines, but it worked out sweet, the group really got into it and they did a pretty tight job!



Oh and well done to Pizza Dog (that’s his name) who kept trying to grab my pizza until he was finally rewarded with a gust of wind which practically handed it to him. Fair’s fair innit.




Rabble 2 in yr face

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Right, so this was meant to be an amazing piece about the powers of protest but despite spending two hours on it, it somehow magicked itself away at the publishing stage and now I’m pretty annoyed to say the least!

So here’s the edited, streamlined, fat-free version then. Our version of protest.

We put out issue two of rabble before Christmas, getting great feedback from everyone, and our DIY-distro system is getting out into more and more homes, clubs, pubs, cafes, shops, whatevers around the country.

You can still pick up a copy in one of these locations, failing that, check our site where we’re adding the content from this issue bit by bit. I had a nice input to this one, contributed several illustrations and wrote an article on anti-social behaviour entitled ‘Too Old for the Playground, Too Young for the Pub”. Discusses the options young people have in this country, some of whom I interviewed. Here’s an extract:

We had some further discussion about whether or not it’s fair for young people to be labelled this way, and in turn influence how young people think of themselves. The gas thing about this is that despite conjuring up images of hooded young fellas causing strife in the estate, none of the people interviewed really think this is the case. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that they were reluctantly putting up with having the phrase hurled at them repeatedly, as well as putting up with harassment on a regular basis from the Gardaí. Seventeen-year-old Dean pointed out that the phrase ‘is stereotypically used in Ireland, cos if people see a group of youths they think the worst of us.’

You can read the rest here. If you feel like getting involved, hit us up. If you wanna donate, check how here.